GPO not being applied to group.

yury lafontaine
New Contributor

I am trying to set a GPO to only affect one group without success.


GPO status is Enabled.

Have added the  specific Group to the Security filters list in the scope Tab

Remove  the authenticated users group  from the from the Security Filtering list in the scope tab.


scopte tab.png





Have  added Authenticated users (or - Domain Computers) to the Groups and users  in the delegation tabs


Have checked allow for the Read and "Apply group Policy" permissions for the group requiring access.


Have un-checked allow from the "Apply Group Policy" permissions  (Authenticates users or Domain computers)- if this is unchecked the group is removed from security filtering  options in the Scope Tab and the only group displayed in the scope tab is the group requiring access.


 Delegation Tab.png





The policy is applied everyone  when  "Apply Group Policy" is allowed to the Authenticated Users or Domain Computers.    if it is un-cliked the policy fails with Denied Security


 What am i missing, any assistance is greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.




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