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My standalone Windows 10 PRO computer has downloaded the updates from Microsoft - Internet directly. When it try to install the updates of KB3211320 and KB3213986 it give

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In case someone runs into same problem with WSUS 4 on WS2012R2: i have opened IIS Manager and right-clicked Sites > WSUS Administration site. Went into Advanced settings,

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Here in the office we have a discussion if we should update .NET via WSUS or not. We know that MS states it should not be a problem, but .NET is a platform like JAVA and updating JAVA can result in software not running.


Do everyone just update .NET withou

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Hi All,


Since updating all our client machine to windows 10 1607, Wsus has been problematic at a client level when they try to download these updates.


Today we have KB3189866 windows 10 reports its downloading and that the sum of attempt. The Wsus console

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Michael Niehaus from Microsoft posted this to the Patchmanagement mailing list yesterday.


Mailing List Archive Link


From http://aka.ms/win10releasenotes:


September 20, 20

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