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We have an 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Services setup.  One RDWEB Broker with three RDS servers.  We have had a connection for vendors to connect to the RDS session and then RDC to a 2012 server with SQL on it.  It has worked fine up until March 14 2017.  Sinc

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Found the answer. Ended up being a Group Policy for a drive mapping that controlled the SQL's hosted server's local remote "Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services" ... Read More
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If i am correct you are using a RDS connection broker? Did you check the events on the connection broker (Applications and Services logs\Microsoft\Windows\Terminal

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I have an open license for 5 user RDS CAL´s but 6 users are shown is the RDS manager in the domain including an administrator user, how do i cancel or revoke one RDS license and allocate it to another user on the domain server. Thanks in advance.

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I keep getting this message reminder on my server, any suggestion on how to configure the RDS user CAL and where do i buy it, please help.Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 18.32.07.png

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Hi , please view the following link


RDS License server


You can buy licenses via normal Microsoft Channels.

Licenses are available on the Store as well

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Today I am installing a simply 2 server scenario. 2 Windwos 2016 Server installations.

1 is a Remote Desktop Server where I want the users to be able to use Office 2016.

They already own Office 365 E3 licences, so for me it should be easy to deploy O

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I have not been able to get office 2016 patches to flow to my Server 2016 with desktop experience using SCCM 1610 yet. Tread carefully.

Here are some resources to start this RDS space, as a summary here is some of the benefits of RDS



Here is an MS Ignite session - Harness RDS improvements in Windows Server 2016:



and another presentation - Get updates to Remote Desktop Services in Windows

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