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In Powershell, if I invoke:



Start-WebSite -Name 'Default Web Site'

and then go to IIS Manager and click on top level Sites which forces a refresh, the left column "Connections" does not display the icon showing that the site is started.  However, in the r

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Right click on Sites -> Refresh.

Speaker: Maximo Trinidad


Topic: “Taking a look at PowerShell Open Source

PowerShell is Open Source now! Come and see how you could use PowerShell in cross-platform between Windows and Linux sharing scripts to assist in admin task automation. We’ll spend s

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It would be a good hit of other open source scripting language , powershell have lots of feature we can use to automate , no linux also.

I tried to register but the link looks like is not working.

Nice, I'll join remotely :)

Done. Registered! :)

Now that PowerShell is Open Source, nowI see the strong posibility of people learning and utilizing PowerShell in many Linux Environments as well as Mac OS.




So, it would be nice to have a section of it.  What do you think?

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Hum! Let me correct mysefl as I'm building my next Florida PowerShell UG online session on "PowerShell for all Systems".  I don't want to mislead any one on this particul

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Hi Maximo,


I suppose Open Source PowerShell discussion may get more traction in GitHub? Or we could have an Open Source discussion community with Open Source PowerShell,

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PowerShell is open source on Windows, too. :-) Perhaps you would benefit from a Space for "PowerShell on Non-Windows OS"