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I have just gone through the SDN demo, and scripts to create a test environment with all of the 2016 SDN capabilities. However I am finding it overkill for what I need- and I am unsure how to setup something simpler. We have been on Hyper-V since th

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I am in the process of putting together a solution design for DirectAccess which also incorporates the RRAS VPN for clients that use applications that don't support IPv6.  We will have a mixture of WIndows 7 and Windows 10 clients and DirectAccess will be

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Windows Server engineer Greg Cusanza, joins Matt McSpirit to demonstrate and explain the technology underpinnings and how to use SDN to: dynamically create, secure and connect your network to meet the evolving needs of your apps; speed up the deployment o

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Let's get this party started....


  • Windows 2012 R2
  • nic1 = public IP =
  • nic1 gateway =
  • nic2 = private IP =
  • VPN issuing the range to
  • VPN server only---no Direct Access
  • Lab server =
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Hi Roger,


Have you tried verify if your VPN Client are using Remote Network Gateway?


Check this link below and see if it can provide you some troubleshooting thoughts:


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