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I really love nano server, it is small and cool, we could install it fast and it really shine when connect and manage using Azure. But a lot of job need to be done for private cloud scenario in relation to UX and UI and day to day management of nano serve

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Hi Reza.

For Hyper-V management you can use 5nine Manager http://blog.5nine.com/nano-server-administration-using-5nine-manager/

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Hi Reza,


Since your description of your private cloud scenario has included System Center solution where some of the System Center solution has a requirement of being ins

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I've been slowly working my way towards deploying Nano server for the first time. I have a spare R710 with local storage available to me.


I've been referencing the following three guides:


  1. Instructions on creating a VHD or WIM file
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The problem is solved.


Turns out the issue was because the raid disk I was presenting to the OS was too large. I changed the virtual disk to be below 2TB total and then e

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Microsoft Chief Architect, Enterprise Cloud, Jeffrey Snover, takes a closer look at Nano server - the secure new headless deployment option for Windows Server 2016. He demonstrates how it gives you the lightest and fastest option with significantly fewer

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great resources - thank you

A good set of links. 


If I can add one more, it's worth pointing out this article as well:


Windows Server 2016 new Current Branch for Business servicing option


Note Softw

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Nice collection of links Ryen, great starting point for people looking to get started with Nano.
Some Fantastic resources thank you. As someone who sidestepped more into cloud services over the past couple of years It's great to see a resource repository so I can at ... Read More