SES is still requested on 17093

Ziad Abboud
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SES is still requested on 17093


While validating cluster for S2D Hyperconverged 2 node system, SES was still requested with build 17093 on my system,


i created the Cluster nonetheless, drained 1 node  and restarted, the Storage Pool Failed



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Re: SES is still requested on 17093


I wanted to check with you on a couple of things.

1. Did you create the virtual disks after you installed this build or were the volumes already existing?  If it was already existing, it could be that the redundant copies of data were not distributed across nodes.  In RS1 SES is uses for SAS disks to identify which nodes the disks are connected to.  In RS4/RS5 insiders builds we changed the logic to use the same association method we use for NVMe and SATA disks.  So, if on this system you created a virtual disk without SES the data may not have been distributed correctly.  If the virtual disk was crated after you put on this build we would expect the extents to be distributed correctly.  

2. Please Check the  virtual disk's properties for the FaultDomainAwareness (Get-VirtualDisk | fl *) and verify that the value is "StorageScaleUnit", which means  a node.  If it's blank, check the storage pools FaultDomainAwarenessDefault for the same value (if the virtual disk value is blank then it takes the storage pools default).  If they are set to Disk or Enclosure, this will cause the same problem.  It should be StorageScaleUnit.

3. Make sure you have a witness for the cluster.  Either Cloud or file share.  If not, the cluster cannot stay up with one node, with a witness it can.

4. Make sure you have the same number of physical disks in the pool from both nodes.  The storage pool requires 50% +1 disk for the pool to have it's quorum satisfied.  Being on an active cluster node satisfies the +1, but you need to have the same number of disks to allow either node to fail and the other node keep the pool online.  

I hope this helps,

Steven Ekren

Senior Program Manager

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Re: SES is still requested on 17093



these servers were formatted using the windows insider version,

the storage pool has Cache Disabled,

 i have checked what you asked and found the below


the faultdomainawarenessdefault is StorageScaleUnit

the faultdomainawareness from get-virtualdisk is empty

and there is a witness file share 


Find attached the fault domain awareness and the cluster file share


result for Get-SMBConnection

ServerName    ShareName    UserName     Credential         Dialect     NumOpens
--------------   -------------    ------------     -----------         --------    -------------
vhost7              Quorum        Domain\HC$ domain\HC$     3.0.2         139



Re: SES is still requested on 17093

Thanks for letting me know, i'm investigating.


Steven Ekren

Senior Program Manager


Re: SES is still requested on 17093

Do you think the hard disk configuration is the reason

1NVME + 3 SAS with cache disabled?