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Good morning everyone!

I have a Win2012R2 with Hyper-V that needs to be migrated to Win2016.

The Hyper-V have 2 disks in raid1 for system and 4 disks in raid5 to storage the VMs.

Is it possible to only format the C:\ and install the 2016 and recreate the VMs

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Hi there. Maybe the option with export/import will be better if you have spare free space to make the export.


From my expirience when I delete a VM and use the VHD\VHDX t

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When attempting to PxE boot an gen 2 vm on a WS2016 host I am having issues with trying to boot into WinPE. The vm attempts to negotiate DHCP over IPv4 but fails with DHCP Failed. Generation 1 VMs are fine, but really not ideal to run Gen 1 vms



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Hello all,


I have a couple of Hyper-V Server 2012R2 boxes  (the free 'core' offering). Is anyone aware of procedures or documentation to perform an upgrade of these boxes to Hyper-V Server 2016??


Many thanks,


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I prefer doing this: Create a cluster with your Hyper-V servers (failover role), then move (live migration) the VMs from the Host that will be upgraded and perform the up

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My preference is to do a clean install instead of an in place upgrade. You can migrate or export the VMs prior to the clean install.

No matter what method you use, don't f

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It has always been the cleanest option to power off your VMs, then upgrade the host. Never leave your VMs running, the saved memory states can cause issues as exposed fea... Read More

Hello All,

I have been getting an error in Server Manager 14050 Microsoft-Windows-Hyper-v-VMMS-admin,tried a couple of things but to no avail.

Thanks in advance! 

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Hello all,


At work we have recently purchased 4 new and shiny Dell R730's. We have got 2 of the new servers in the new cluster and in operation at the moment. We have got 4 10gbe connections to the switch and SAN, on the 2nd node we have only got one resi

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Hello Andrew,


Locking problems could be due to missing or wrong configuration of MPIO?


MPIO settingsMPIO settings

Do you have two dedicated NICs for iSCSI and two for the Hyper-V switc

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Hi guys


I am trying to install Hyper-V 2016 evaluation from scratch but on the first window it requires a license key to be entered before continuing. According to the download page no key is required. I've had no trouble installing 2012 or 2012 R2 in the

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If you downloaded Server and not Hyper-V Server, it will prompt for a key.

But no, Hyper-V Server does not / should not require a key.


The evaluation media should simply t

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Our design and deployment teams were having a debate on the most secure way to deploy HyperV, particularly with respect to Ransomware attacks and protecting from encryption.


There seems to be two camps, one to deploy standalone and one to join to Active D

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In a properly designed infraestructure, you should have Hyper-V AD integrated and even if a VM get its files compromised by ransomware, it doesn't afect the Hosts.

To keep it as short as possible, here my 2 cents:


  • Seperate infrastructure forest for fabric components (storage / compute)
  • Use bastion jump servers for fabric admins, do n
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Is this for protecting the host itself against ransomware or the VMs running on the hosts? We've seen instances of users who have access to SMB file shares manage to get

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For big hyper-v farm, I suggest to have separate network, with it's own AD Forest (without any trust), protected by a firewall. To manage the farm, admin use a TS connect

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I agree with everyone so far and just to add a few more things to consider. Managing non domain joined machines, if not done correctly, can be less secure over all since ... Read More

I connect SQL Server 2014 ISO (I downloaded different images (Standard, Enterprise, with sp1,, with sp2... from MSDN with the same result) to a VM. When I am executing the setup, at the few seconds, the computer freeze, not the VMs, all computer freeze. I

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More information about this.


If I copy the ISO into VMs, load and execute the setup. All works well.


If I connect the ISO through the Hyper-V into the VMs, when I run the

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i want to create network share drive(folder) into active directory windows server 2012 but, i fail

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I can't enable BitLocker inside Hyper-V VM (Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 TP5) hosted in Windows 10 build 14926, when I have done, appears the error: "The data is invalid".


I have the TPM chip ready to use in the VM configuration and the TPM Manager i

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With the Windows 10 build 14951 works fine. Thank you!

We've seen isolated reports of this issue and are currently investigating.  I will provide an update as soon as I hear anything. If anyone else has hit this issue or has

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I am not an expert in this, but read an article recently that described changes to encrypted drives. Since the Anniversary Update there are new signature verification req

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Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager, Dean Wells offers a demo-rich look at Shielded Virtual Machines (VMs), new with Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V. Watch as he demonstrates the types of attacks that are possible today and then walks you through how things

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