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In Server 2012 I managed prevent changing background, colors and themes with GPO: computer configuration > ... > control panel > personalization.

In Server 2016 with Windows 10 1703 these settings don't have any result.
I tried the same settings in user con

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what are some of your goto GPO's to set for windows 10 in the enterprise?

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Hi Kyle! I guess the first action is make/enable a Central Store for GPO.

I have windows 2012 R2 OS VM , i cannot turnoff the firewall from the GUI as the options are grayed out. I tried turning it off by local group policy settinhgs, but no changes applied.


What's the way to do it from group policy management console ( GPMC ).

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This may help.Fire Wall Group Policy.png

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Windows Server 2012 R2


When creating a GPO for redirecting the Documents folder to a network share, the users Documents folder at the endpoint (not share directory) gets renamed to the Username instead.


The only way around this is to ensure that the share

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Hey Chris, 

I belive by defaut folder redirection is Sending to C:\ServerFolders\Folder Redirection\User name. I want to say the documents folder and any other redirection

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Did you get this figured out?

Does anyone have a list of the changes made in the 1607 GPO update?

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I'm not sure about a list of all the changes, but if you have specific areas you're interested in I might be able to help.

Hi Richard.

Did you ever find the answer you were looking for regarding GPO changes in Windows 10 1607?