Windows 10 Insider Preview 16251.0 rs3 Windows Hello not working Surface Pro 4

brian kendall
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Unable to use this feature after upgrading.  I restarted the computer and tried enabling via settings but it now forces me to use my pin to login.  Is this a known issue?

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Same thing happening for me as well.

Same here with HP Spectre x360 on build 16251. It says "Couldn't turn on the camera. Make sure it's working properly".
Camera works fine with Skype

Same here...

I am using a Surface Pro 4

Yes I am running Build 16251 (Insider, Slow)

The upgrade caused lots of trouble with Hello, Onedrive, CleanUp, Office2016 (Office Cache & Click-To-Run services corrupted).

SO I deciced to do a factory reset of my Surface Pro 4, now running 16251 without any issues. Everything (including Hello) is now working correctly.


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