When will Microsoft fix the MIDI API ? (MIDISPORT 4x4 and UWP)

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The MIDI Wn32 UWP Wrapper code is a year old and never updated.
Installing two MIDISPORT 4x4 on Window 10 Preview ( BUILD 16296.0 (SEP 26, 2017


=> The WIN32 MIDI API only reports 4 ports and not 8 ports (e.g use MIDIOX)
=> When using the Win32 UWP API Wrapper, all 8 ports are reported,  but all the OUTPUT Ports are all called "MIDI", The INPUT ports names are correct. (for example use Google Chrome with MIDI UWP API enabled)

This happens both with the drivers from Microsoft (2006) and the driver from M-AUDIO (2012)
This issues was reported a year ago. But nothing Microsoft seems to have done to fix this.

[winUWPmidi] Midi System initalization SUCCESS 
[winUWPmidi] Number of Inputs is 4
[winUWPmidi] Number of Outputs is 5
[winUWPmidi] Enumration of Output 0 SUCCESS, name is MIDI
[winUWPmidi] Open Output 0 SUCCESS 
[winUWPmidi] Sending Data on device 0 (data = 0x00403C90)
[winUWPmidi] Enumration of Output 1 SUCCESS, name is MIDI
[winUWPmidi] Open Output 1 SUCCESS 
[winUWPmidi] Sending Data on device 1 (data = 0x00403C90)
[winUWPmidi] Enumration of Output 2 SUCCESS, name is Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
[winUWPmidi] Open Output 2 SUCCESS 
[winUWPmidi] Sending Data on device 2 (data = 0x00403C90)
[winUWPmidi] Enumration of Output 3 SUCCESS, name is MIDI
[winUWPmidi] Open Output 3 SUCCESS 
[winUWPmidi] Sending Data on device 3 (data = 0x00403C90)

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Emmm... I thought only the "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth" one is usable, or had it be changed since the last time I checked?
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