My Windows Fails after 10 days in the exact time . 3 times in a row .

ahmed raslan
New Contributor

Greetings everyone 
out of a sudden at 11:30 pm , my windows started freezing , for like 15-20 sec , with 10 secound interval , then after restarting , the windows failed to load with this error : Media Test failure 
and failed for repair or recovery 
after re installing , after 10 days , in the same time 11:30 pm , the same thing happened 
i didnt bother cause i didnt notice the 10 days interval '
untill after 10 days , it happened again at 11:30 pm . the same error the same windows failure after restart 

all Hard was formated 3 times 
in command prompt diskpart was Cleaned 
the pc works perfectly fine .. but just after 10 days , something wrong happens with the windows . 
please help because i got 6 days left 

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Do you have an AV that runs at that time?

no ,  only windows defender . 
and i didnt get any notifications related to virus found or something .. 

If defender is doing a full scan at that time it could be a reason you're seeing this issue.

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