Issue with Stock Data Types in Excel 21 Sept 2018 - frozen on 19 Sept 2018

Peter Maher
New Contributor

Hi all


I cannot receive my updated stock data (Price etc) any or after 19 September 2018.

1. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

2. No prizes for guessing my second question?


Attached sheet shows prices for BHP.asx seems fixed 2 days ago and not updating.


Any assistance greatly appreciated.





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Same here but it was fixed for some market on Monday but it went down south again this morning with the same error message that we are experiencing server issues and working on it.

Happen to be Pete as well.

Thanks Pete, yes mine seems to be fixed now, with the Aussie Stock Market .asx. Worked for Mon-Wed so far. I am surprised that not many people seem to be posting issues. Is yours back up again, do you know the problem source i.e. chance of this happening again?



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