Bluetooth mouse constant drop outs on surface pro 17074

Mark DiBiasio
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For days now I have been trying to get my Motorola Bluetooth mouse to stay connected on Build 17074 more than 5 minutes with out losing connection. I have had issues with earlier builds but not this frequent. I can make due with a USB mouse but this should be an issue NOW! 

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Hi Mark,

This may be an issue specific to build 17074.  Have you tried installing the next preview build?


Similar problem here. Right after update to 17074 on my original Surface Book, all my Bluetooth devices (Microsoft Surface Keyboard, Microsoft Surface Precision Mouse, and Plantronics headset) all have trouble staying connected for more than a few minutes.

My Surface Studio, which is used for work purposes, will drop all Bluetooth connections.  It is OS related.  If I swipe the screen from the right to expose the control panel, you can see the Bluetooth icon reconnect devices.  It does this for each drop, always. 


Sequence = Drop Bluetooth, Swipe Screen from Right, Bluetooth reconnects.  Please fix.  OS Version.  Win 10 Pro Build 17134.48

I am having an almost similar problem with my bluetooth in that ever since i signed up for the insider program, it will not turn on which makes my bluetooth headphones useless. I am currently on build 17686 which I got not more than thirty minutes ago.

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