Windows Analytics Overview Decks

Marc Shepard

Need to explain the benefits of using Windows Analytics to your management to get buy-in to use the service? Want to walk your internal stakeholders through the requirements and process for deploying Windows Analytics? Or maybe you’re a partner who wants to explain the value prop and requirements to your customers? These two decks are based on the “walking deck” we use at live events and webcasts. Designed for a 15-20 minute discussion, the short deck provides a quick outline of the benefits, data flow, requirements, and initial deployment steps. Designed for a longer, more in-depth discussion, the overview deck incorporates demos of Upgrade Readiness, Update Compliance, and Device Health.


I’ll be updating these decks throughout the year so please let me know if you have any feedback on how I can make them work better for your needs.

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2000+ machines are showing 1753-01-01T00:00:00Z as ScanTime for my Upgrade readiness workspace. Please suggest.

Hello ;


Windows Analytics Upgrade Readiness and Device health are 100% free it ask for a credit card but theres no charge you just need to add the module on your Azure, if you don't have Azure you can download our free version. Let me know if you need more info or links 



Host Zambrana 

Microsoft Concierge Desk L300


Can you update these decks to remove reference to OMS, and update the screen captures please.





Quick question did you enable on Windows 7 Telemetry and is set on Basic, for Windows 10 machines did you activate feedback and diagnostics. ?


Please check the following link 



Yes @Hosito On a different note, is there a release date of Desktop Analytics?

@Santosh Seth Tentative around August 2019 we might have an exact date after June 2019

@Santosh Seth wrote:

Yes @Hosito On a different note, is there a release date of Desktop Analytics?


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