Overview of Windows Analytics Resources

Marc Shepard

This topic is meant to provide a broad overview of where to go to learn more about Windows Analytics. The links below are in addition to the Overview Deck and the Draft Extensibility Documentation that have been provided as separate Windows Analytics resource topics. We'll be maintaining and refreshing the links below over time, and your feedback on anything we are missing would be most welcome.




Marketing Page 


TechNet Docs  

Upgrade Readiness technical documentation 

Blog and


Windows Analytics community

Diagnostic data and privacy

Configure Windows diagnostic data in your organization

Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 Appraiser Telemetry Events, and Fields

Windows 10, version 1703 basic level Windows diagnostic events and fields

Windows 10, version 1709 and 1803 enhanced diagnostic data events and fields used by Windows Analyti...

Diagnostic Data Viewer Overview

Licensing Terms and Documentation

Learn about security and privacy at Microsoft datacenters

Confidence in the trusted cloud

Demo Environment  

Use Upgrade Readiness Demo mode and the slides in the Overview Deck

Click-through Training Videos 

Introducing the Windows Upgrade Analytics Service 

Setting up the Windows Upgrade Analytics Service 

Streamlining your Windows upgrades with the Windows Upgrade Analytics Service 

Service Introduction Video 

An intro to Windows Analytics: Managing upgrades, updates & health across Windows, apps & drivers 

Detailed Walkthrough 

Windows Analytics: Plan and manage Windows 10 upgrades and feature updates with Upgrade 

3 Replies
Hi, Is there an API available for Windows Analytics? Please advice
You can access your Windows Analytics data via the Log Analytics APIs
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