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Albert Cabello Serrano

Need to explain to your management the benefits of using Desktop Analytics to proactively address compatibility roadblocks?  Want to walk your internal stakeholders through the requirements and process for using Desktop Analytics to reduce the time it takes to deploy Windows and Office? Or maybe you’re a partner who wants to explain the value prop and requirements to your customers? These two decks are based on the “walking deck” we use at live events and webcasts, for which we also added a couple recent links.


The quick overview is best for a 15-20 minute discussion, providing a quick demo that showcases the benefits and initial deployment steps. For a longer, more in-depth discussion, use the second deck, which also covers enrollment, privacy and how to assess the compatibility of your line-of-business (LOB) assets with App Health Analyzer and Office Readiness toolkit


We’ll be updating these decks regularly so please let me know if you have any feedback on how can we make them work better for your needs.


Windows 10 & Office 365 ProPlus Desktop Deployment | Best of Microsoft Ignite 2018 (20 min)

What’s new in Windows Analytics: An introduction to Desktop Analytics (REPEAT) - BRK2417R (41 min)

How to assess compatibility of your LOB apps: An introduction to App Health Analyzer (20 min)

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So what’s the release date? We’ve been using Windows Analytics and want to make the shift to Desktop Analytics. We are sold on the idea, just need access. How much longer before we see it in Preview at least?

Do you know if Intune Role Based Access is planned? Administrators who has scope target to manage specific group of devices to see only that devices in Device Analytics?

No dates that we can communicate right this moment, but working hard to get it out. Keep an eye on this place, you'll know here first

Yes, Role Based Access is on the roadmap but will not be available in the v1. We plan to leverage Intune and Device Management concepts for roles. 

Will Windows Analytics (Upgrade Readiness, Device Health, Update Compliance) be merged into Desktop Analytics and in the end removed from Azure Log Analytics blade of the Azure portal?

All three Windows Analytics solutions are merged in Desktop Analytics, and Desktop Analytics will be accessible from the device management portal. We have no plans at the moment to change the underlying store Log Analytics.

Great info to share with our customers using Windows Analytics. Any estimate when this will happen? At least within which quarter or so?

One more thing, will we be able to send telemetry data to different workspaces (on same or even different tenant) for different group of devices until you have RBAC?

I might have misunderstood your question, but isn't it something that you could do even today?  If you create different workspaces, then each of them will have different Commercial ID.  They you would run Upgrade Readiness deployment script against different sets of devices with different Commercial IDs.  That way you achieve the separation.  Does this help?


Yes, now this is possible and i am using it. But after Windows Analytics  moves to devicemanagemenet as Desktop Analytics will i have the same possibility?

Since Desktop Analytics is using the same underlying mechanism of Log Analytics workspaces for storing and processing telemetry data received from customer devices, I would expect it to be the case.
Also, for the migration scenarios (WA -> DA) for existing customers and partners, who use that approach to segregate devices and assigned manage different groups of devices,, that would be "must to have". With that said, neither Windows Analytics nor Desktop Analytics were built as multi-tenant environment, so we will have to wait till Desktop Analytics is released or at least goes into public preview to see what is available and what is not :)

We dont have a date for general availability yet, stay tuned for updates in upcoming months..

Hi, Where do I find Commercial ID of the workspace in Azure portal? I see it now in OMS but since that portal will be retired soon, where should I look for it?

Hi! This is a bit complicated for the first time=)
Home-> Pick a resource group-> Overview -> Solutions
On a Solution settings in a menu, you will Upgrade readiness settings, there will be a Commercial Id Key.



First off, i'm really looking forward to using this solution, this is miles a head of the current Windows Analytics offering. 


Few questions:


1. Desktop Analytics was announced end of September 2018 and we still don't have a timeline for when it will be available to customers. Windows 10 1703 edu/ent will be out of support in October 8th 2019, should we use Windows analytics to plan their upgrade to 1809 or will desktop analytics be inplace to help us tackle that upgrade.


2. I'm planning on using Windows Update for Business as an update solution and controlling the roll-out with SCCM WUfB policies targeted to SCCM collections. Will Windows Analytics interact with those targeted SCCM collections?


Thank you,




As for #1, yes we do not have the release date yet, please use Windows Analytics instead. 

Windows analytics had WUFb reporting, but it is not scoped to a particular collection (this will come in Desktop Analytics) and is not setting any additional interactions apart from reporting.  


Hope this helps. 

Not on a public preview. If you need a division for your workspace, you will be able to setup target plans for different SCCM device collections 

Thank you Anna :)

"Not on a public preview. If you need a division for your workspace, you will be able to setup target plans for different SCCM device collections "


Anna, is this reply related to question about sending telemetry data to different workspace? What do you mean "division for workspace" .


I would like to be still able to send telemetry data from different AAD device group to different workspace. We don't use SCCM.

Thank you Anna. Looking forward to a release date :)

Hi, actually, lets understand on what would you like to do with RBAC =)

"One more thing, will we be able to send telemetry data to different workspaces (on same or even different tenant) for different group of devices until you have RBAC?"


So, if you have devices 1-10, 11- 2000, 2000- 2200 

some just want to have RBAC because 1-10 is managed by 1 admin and 2000-2200 by another? 

-> This is a clear permission scenario we're looking for in RBAC


We also noticed that some just want so do something like: 2000-2200 to be updated to 1709  and 11-2000 to 1804 and 1-10  are the test devices.

       -> This case doesn't have to have RBAC, which I was trying to mention,(maybe not in the clearest    way))


Or are you trying to point device X to several tenants? 

Or just 1-10 to 1 tenant, 2000- 2200 to a different tenant as people in Mergers and Acquisitions will do?


Also, Desktop Analytics Public Preview will be supporting SCCM enrollment only, we will support all customers in Upgrade readiness otherwise. 


Hi Anna,


I need first scenario where i can show information about specific devices to specific admins. Since in current Upgrade readiness app this is not possible, i am sending telemetry data for specific group of devices to different workspaces where specific admins has access. So i see that will be covered by RBAC (but not in preview).


Any updates? Eager to start using this!

Is there a release date yet?


Any luck on Desktop Analytics -  Public Preview Release Date.

If possible we get access to Desktop Analytics Solutions Public Preview.


Please advice.


Thanks & Regards,



Any information regarding the "migration path" from Windows Analytics > Desktop Analytics once it's released? Will it simply turn up in the Microsoft 365 portal or do you need to remove/add a new workspace in Log Analytics?

Does anyone know how much daily traffic each client generates using Windows analytics? Trying to figure out how much global traffic it'll generate for all our clients. Thks



When you run the deployment script, it initiates a full scan. The daily scheduled task to capture the changes is created when the update package is installed. For Windows 10 devices, this task is already included in the operating system. A full scan averages about 2 MB, but the scans for changes are very small. 


I went thru the documentation and prerequisites and I am not sure if desktop analytics can work without Configuration Manager? I understand I need it for deployment, but can we see reports without it? 

@SinghUSI The service is not yet released for public use. While both the service and the documentation are available for private preview customers, no customers other than those we accepted on the Private Preview will be able to complete the setup. I appreciate the excitement, but we do not recommend any customers outside the private preview to go through signup process.

@Albert Cabello Serrano When is it planned to be released for Public preview or GA?

@Albert Cabello SerranoCan you share us the general avalibility date for desktop analytics?


Do we need to enable co-management of SCCM+Intune to make full advantage of this feature?






SCCM CB 1810 is important prerequisites and dependent to be available for using Desktop Analytics.


Can you suggest Desktop Analytics can be used in infrastructure having SCCM CB 1810 only available??? And can't be deployed if infrastructure as SCCM CB 1803 and lower versions???


However we know Windows Analytics independently used from Azure and can integrate with SCCM if required.


Please advice



Thanks & Regards,


Any news on Desktop Analytics availability? Have a few Microsoft 365 rollous planned and would prefer to go directly to Desktop Analytics rather than Windows Anlytics if possible...

@Jonas Back We are hard at work, and it's getting, really, REALLY close. Stay tuned into this space ;)

@ViswanathSampath Desktop Analytics does not require co-management.

When Desktop Analytics is available in Public Preview, the minimum requirement will be SCCM CB 1902 Hotfix Rollup 1
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