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I have a user who has forgotten there PIN to log into Windows 10.  They are able to log in using Windows Hello (face recognition) and their password but they are unable to reset their PIN because they don't remember the original PIN they created.   I'm not able to find anyway to reset it.   Any assistance would be helpful.

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Here are 2 different Websites I found that walk through the same process that can allow you to change your Windows 10 pin easily if you know your password.  


- Mikey



I appreciate your response.  The scenario's described in the links are not what I'm seeing.  I am not seeing "I forgot my PIN".   I can get it to appear on the login screen but clicking it does nothing, it tells me this computer isn't joined to my organization.   But it is joined to our domain.   

Ok, after a little more research, I discovered that the Pin Login is disabled by default when Joining a Domain. This may be causing the issue. In Win 8 or Win 10 The GPO setting can be changed using the Local GPO editor (gpedit.msc). Check under Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon. Here are a few sites that demonstrate it a little better.

Hi @Tom Robey ,

Trying to figure the same issue...did you ever find a resolution to this without wiping the whole device?


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