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Windows 10 works really well in the BYOD space, but the predominant model of usage in U.K. Schools is still shared desktops and will be for some time. We'd love to have a start menu that could be applied consistently, and be reliable in those deployment s... Read More
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We would recommend using the Start screen control group policy for specifying the layout that should be used on machines.  This can be completely locked (no users can mak

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we have a great TechNet Virtual Lab that lets you play for configuring the Windows 10 start menu. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mt796467

There is a Start Me... Read More

Thank you for joining us during this hour! We will put together a summary of what was covered during the AMA and share it here.

We hope you will continue ask questions and to share your feedback with us in the Windows 10 servicing space.

See you next time

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Apologies for the oversight. Attached please find a recap of the Windows as a service AMA that took place on May 4, 2017. Thanks again to all who joined us live, and here

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Hey, Heather. I never saw a post about that promised summary - did I miss it?

We are testing out using Servicing Plans within ConfigMgr, and upon rolling our first 1703 Feauture Update, we have discovered that all the AppX packages we removed from our 1607 builds seemed to have returned.  I thought I had read somewhere that startin

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you can also remove the unwanted apps in the install.wim directly, so just mount the wim and run the PowerShell against the mounted wim. The newly created wim can be used

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I would also be interested in hearing what Microsoft has to say about this...

So the pilot comes on on a March and September timing. So the first will be 1709.


So right now the latest CB is 1703. Does it become the last CBB or the first Semi-Annual Channel (Broad)?


Is the approximately four months between the release of a Semi-Annu

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Hi Michael, Will this naming convention also be used for ConfigMgr? And as ConfigMgr only has CB versions, will ConfigMgr 1709 (assuming that they will also follow March-... Read More

Those are the new terms that we're working on.  So let me answer that in two different ways, "old" vs. "new" terms:


  • New Windows 10 releases are initially considered "C
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We are just now developing our LTSB deployment. How can we take advantage of the deployment and customization improvements made with Win 10 1703?

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Why do you use LTSB?
If there are features in v1703 you need you could deploy v1703 which is Current Branch today. The current version of LTSB is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 which is bas... Read More

With the recently announced twice-a-year cadence, has the end-of-life date been finalized for version 1511?

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Windows 10 v1511 end of servicing happens when Windows 10, v1703 (also known as the Creators Update) is declared CBB in around four months, with a 60-day grace period (du... Read More
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How does Microsoft recommend managing different or conflicting group policy settings across branches? If you setup internal rings, you may have 2-3 branches across your organizatin at any given time. Item-level targeting does not currently allow targeting

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So far I never run in issues using always the latest admx for the Windows 10 GPOs. If the feature doesn't exist in an older release, the registry value created by the GPO

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Also, should we stop investing in Group Policy and instead use DSC? What are the intermediate plans for GPO as a technology? It seems that with decentralized computing GP... Read More

I assume you are talking about multiple releases, e.g. supporting GPOs that target Windows 10 1511, 1607, and 1703 simultaneously?  WMI filters would be an appropriate ap

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Would Microsoft consider having a longer time to roll back from an upgrade?  In the consultant world 10 days is often not enough time to roll back.

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I'll say it has taken me 2 weeks to trouble shoot why my recently brand new Dell laptops running 1607 suddenly stopped working well on wireless; Outlook crashing, other a... Read More
I think I started that feedback after the last release :-)
Thanks for the feedback. We've seen this feedback in the Feedback Hub. If you want to upvote it there as well, that would be great.

Every month with 1607 one random Windows 10 workstation in my office will not reboot even though I have WSUS and group policy set to install updates on Saturday night and reboot.  Does 1703 fix this annoyance?


Note this lack of reboot behavior doesn't occ

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I've had others reach out to me with this symptom as well. It's hard to open a support case when it's never the same machine and I can't predict which machine will exhibi... Read More
Sounds like a good feedback item or support case. I'm not aware of specific changes in Windows 10 1703 related to this.

What is MS doing in order to provide a security baseline witing the CB branch. currently we do not see a published security baseline untill CBB.  with thsi it is hard to follow teh MS model pilot 4 months

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The security teams are analyzing this now. They expect to publish new baselines for Windows 10 1703 this summer, roughly around the time that Windows 10 1703 is declared ... Read More

How are enterpise IT pros managing the upgrade process between major releases and how do you see that process changing with the move to releases every 6 months?

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For monthly quality updates, the process doesn't change much. For the semi-annual feature updates, we have some recommendations at http://aka.ms/waas. The "every six mont... Read More
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As an education customer, it is becoming essential to find a way to map a users OneDrive for Business to a drive letter to present to users on their shared Windows devices in order to leverage the work anywhere, on any device and collaborative features th... Read More
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I found a freeware utility called VSubst at ntwind.com that I use to map OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive each to their own drive letters. It seems to work well on bot... Read More
I am not sure if this is an option but I place folders from OneDrive into the Quick Access list in File Explorer - that makes them available through any app/program that ... Read More

thanks for the feedback, we'll pass this onto our colleagues in OneDrive. @Stephen Rose

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We're super excited about Windows as a Service options -- and are considering deploying Windows 10 Enterprise / Azure AAD Join, etc. at our small business.


Unfortuantely, the pricing and bundles don't seem to fit small businesses well.


For example, if you

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We're looking into that :-)

After upgrading windows 10 From AU 1603 to Windows creator 1703. SCCM endpoint protection definition update stop working. I'm getting the SCCM End Point Policy but not the defenition update.

I checked my deployment rules and it have the defnition upgrade K

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You can visit the Windows 10 security forum on TechNet to see if anyone has a similar issue and solution, or post a new topic for community support.

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How long should it take to upgrade to a new Windows 10 release (like 1703) and how do you limit the impact on user experience at Microsoft, especially on mobile devices which are likely to be turned on only when the user is working?

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The average time is 30-90 minutes, depending on the hardware, network performance, etc.