Windows 10 EDU AMA- Intune for Education

Charles Weber
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Can you provide additional details about the difference of Intune for education vs Intune. What benefits would a school have in using Intune for Education instead of SCCM, or another MDM/management tool?


What is the cost associated with Intune for Education?



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Does Intune for Education, include access to full Intune to manage iOS/Android devices and then integrate with SCCM? Or does Intune for Education only work for Windows 10 / no integration with SCCM?


For large school districts - 13k PC's, 4k iPads - is it smarter to go with EMS w/ SCCM?

Hi Charles,


Intune for Education is a great way to manage Windows 10 devices in your school.


Intune offers the same capabilities along with the ability to manage other platforms, such as your Android and iOS devices. If you have an Intune for Education subscription, you also have access to Intune in the Azure management portal to manage your other devices.


Intune/Intune for Education is great for managing your devices through a cloud-based service without the need for additional on-premise infrastructure. SCCM is a good option you have specific management needs through Group Policy that Intune/MDMs cannot manage.



If you have Intune for Education, you have access to the full Intune product to manage your iOS/Android devices. You can use the Intune for Education administrative console to manage your Windows 10 devices, and Intune in the Azure management portal for managing all platforms (Windows, iOS, Android).


Intune has support for thousands of enrolled devices, and would be a viable option for the scale you mention. If you need to manage policies on your devices that Intune/MDM can't manage, SCCM is a good option to evaluate.

I'm a Microsoft employee, and I have a question about Intune for Education. Let's say I add apps to a group, and then a user in that group logs in to a device. The user will see the apps in the left portion of the start menu - which is great. But I also want the user to see large app tiles in the right portion of the start menu. Can I do that? And if so, how?

Hey Tim,


You can do this by applying a custom Start menu layout setting to your devices through Intune for Education. Here's an article that explains more.


The best way to customize the Start menu on your managed devices is to customize the Start menu on one device to meet your preferences, export it, and then apply it as a setting through Intune for Education.

Here is an article on how to configure your preferred Start layout and export it.


Once you have your exported Start layout file, you can upload it Intune for Education in your Group settings under the "Windows interface customizations" section.

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