Windows 10, version 1809 Broad Release Date

Deric Curtis
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So looking for clarification of the release schedule for v1809

  • When is the broad release of 1809 coming?
  • Are we going to have to wait for 3 months after the targeted release date?
    • If that is the case, should we just hold off for 1903?
  • When will 1809 for enterprise be available for download on VLSC?
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Hi Deric


1809 has been released, there is no second, separate broad release.   For self managed customers, they control and decided when they have reached their deploy decision, and our guidance is they should have started the deployment process now with 1809, following our recommend framework.  This would be in the target phase, which we are in as well for WU.

For devices we manage, that are connected to WU, we are in targeted phase, which means we are only publishing the update to targeted devices, not all devices.  This is our normal process, and as we get more data and confidence, we add more devise to the target list, until we reach our decision that its good for all, at which time we publish to everyone. That is when it becomes "broad". That just signals that it is now broadly available ( same release ). 
Its not a time driven thing, but a data driven thing. 1803, it took 2 months, the historical norm was 3-4 months.  1809 will not be 2 months , but more to the norm.
1809 is already on VLSC, we are now posting at the same time we start on WU, and will continue that going forward

I have posted blogs on target and broad, and the framework if you want more details.



Thank you for the information. I have seen that you have a few blogs. What do you suggest i start with in regards to Win10 Ent updates?

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