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  • My PC with windows 8.1 just got a BSOD and clicks when I try to boot it on!

    Can somebody Tell me what is the problem?? Is it the power supply or the hard drive??? Thanks for any help!!

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    , 03-25-2017



    I would do an automatic repair.



    Depending on the computer manufacterer if you really need to you could run a complete system hardware test through the bios.


    Also - any information from the BSOD would be benificial.

  • , 03-23-2017

    Our IT Pro research tells us that change management skills are one of the top skills gap on their teams.  We took a deep dive into the change management resources available, as well as the latest models available across MIcrosoft and other third party sou

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  • , 03-19-2017

    Chatbots. Love them? Hate them? Where is this all going?






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    , 03-22-2017



    There are so many things that can be misused with AI.

    Sure it can process information faster, even read books, papers and so, on in a impressive speed, but! It is still software! And software still has bugs, and vulnerabilities!

    Who would be accountable, for some disaster caused by AI ? Something like a trading error that makes someone or some company loose a lot of value ?

    And if someone finds a way to temper with some AI software ?

    To many questions to little answers!

  • , 03-14-2017

    Microsoft Services have started marketing using the term digital workplace. It's an area I've been working on for the last 12 years at ClearBox Consulting. As the term grows in popularity, there is always a risk that it gets diluted. So here's an outline

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    , 03-21-2017

    I don't have an issue with enterprise IT governance being stronger than personal. Customers put their trust in your organisation, and the enterprise has quite rightly taken that responsiblity seriously. There is potentially more at stake if there is an issue, so it makes sense that the standards are higher.


    That is by no means an excuse for poor UX, but it does allow consumer products flexibility to introduce new features without the need to satisfy those governance constraints. Simply change the T&Cs and all the issues with EU Safe Harbor go away, for example.



    The risk of focusing on incremental improvement is that the enterprise-consumer gap only gets wider, without the shiny new things available in consumer-land. Chatbots, for example!


    Consumer-land is fragmented. We want the digital workplace to be seamless. We also want the digital workplace to have all those consumer features. Something has to give.

  • , 03-21-2017

    As part of our March focus on IT Career Paths and Skills, we wanted to share some useful DevOps resources with the Tech Summit community.  DevOps has become more and more prevalent as organizations are challenged to keep up with the pace of change.  Read

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