My personal predictions for 2018 Based on what happened in 2017

Paul Keijzers

My personal predictions for 2018 Based on what happened in 2017



First things first. 2017 was a great year for Office 365. When I look back further there were some new features, but in 2017 they rocked the world with an explosion of new apps. And not to forget the integration with them through Office 365. Here’s a small list of a few new apps we got, and apps that grew up:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • PowerBi
  • Power apps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Forms
  • Microsoft Bookings
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Microsoft Stream
  • New OneDrive clients

This is not a complete list, but a few of the new things Microsoft launched or improved in 2017.

For me, Microsoft Ignite was the best year yet, with lots of new announcements. 

Looking forward to 2018, here’s what I expect for Office 365. I predict more and more companies will start to use Microsoft Teams. The biggest hurdles companies will have to overcome is governance and adoption. Below are a few things that I see that are coming in this area, or are already announced:

  • Telephony
  • Bots (Lots of them)
  • Company (apps rollout system)
  • Templating teams (incl tabs bots connectors etc)
  • Connectors will get focus
  • Tabs

So, some things were already announced but others were not, and those are a wild guess. First, we will see bots in more and more companies, but companies will not want the bots. Instead, they will want connectors to proactively track discussions and help people.

And of course, the switch from Skype to Teams will give some rumble as it needs adoption. People will choose their platform, Skype or Teams. The same will go for SharePoint and Teams.

Another prediction I suspect that is going to happen is Search. I suspect Search will be the biggest thing next year. Why you might ask? Well, people who use SharePoint Classic know the customisations they can do. They are missing this in the modern pages. We can search but we cannot customise. We can search but we cannot refine our search results. So, I suspect that we are going to be able to do all this by the end of 2018 in the modern experience.

When I look at SharePoint there are a lot of new things coming, like The SharePoint Hub which will have a great impact on organisations. Lots of organisations are still using SubSites. If they govern correctly, this must be Site Collections connected to the hub. Again, I see lots of adoption work for the consultants implementing it. For example, when you look at a group and a site collection, the differences in permissions will be difficult, as a new SharePoint/Group site has only 3 permission levels. I know we can still use the classic mode etc., but it will be a shocker for next year.

Also, the way of provisioning is going to change next year. We will see a default template, and extras announced. We are going to see other options to develop and make work easier. Angular will be there and will rise next to React. 

In 2018 we will see more integration with LinkedIn. It’s easier to have users create their own profile on LinkedIn and keep it in sync for the latest info. We will see the ability to search for skills among your organization, and even outside. I predict you’ll be able to do this right from Office 365.

In Office 365 we will also see more and more Machine Learning, to create the ultimate work environment for you. So, I would sit back and relax. And enjoy the ride in 2018.


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