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Seoul, April 27-28: @Jeff Medford

Copenhagen, March 30-31: Brad Anderson

Bangalore, March 16-17: Corey Sanders

Singapore, March 13-14: Set

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It will be really amazing if you could post here Keynote by Brad Anderson form Birmingham (UK). The part of Keynote - with short talk with girls from The Britich Museum -

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Hi, I am searching the section where I could download the presentations of the sessions from the yesterday Tech Summit. Could somebody help me out where to find this sect... Read More

Hi I'm looking for the keynote presented by Corey at bangalore. Could you please share me the link?

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Hello Harsha, thanks for your interest on the Tech Summit Keynote. We`re are double checking internally for the Bangalore keynote and will let you know.


Meanwhile, perh

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Even me too looking for the slides shared during the session at Bangalore. I believe soon it will be share in event page as dowload option, not yet enabled for each topic

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Hi Harsha, I have transcripted as little as I could, of the key note and the attended sessions, at https://github.com/raakeshn/Microsoft-Azure-User-Group-Chennai/tree/master

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