Tech Summit Keynotes


Tech Summit Keynotes

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Tech Summit Keynotes



Seoul, April 27-28: @Jeff Medford

Copenhagen, March 30-31: Brad Anderson

Bangalore, March 16-17: Corey Sanders

Singapore, March 13-14: Seth Patton

Washington DC, March 6-7: @Julia White

Frankfurt, Feb 9-10: James Phillips

Johannesburg, Feb 6-7: Scott Hanselman

Chicago, Jan 19-20: Jason Zander (Microsoft)

Tel Aviv, Dec 7-8: Scott Guthrie (Microsoft)

Mexico City, Nov 15-16: @Catherine Boeger (KURSCH) (Microsoft)

Sao Paulo, Nov 7-8: @Scott Woodgate (Microsoft)

Toronto, Oct 27-28: Takeshi Numoto (Microsoft)

Prague, Oct 17-18: James Staten (Microsoft)

Taipei, Oct 12-13: Julia White (Microsoft)





Mexico City Keynote in Spanish.

Mexico City Keynote with English subtitles.







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RE: Tech Summit Keynotes

Hi, I am searching the section where I could download the presentations of the sessions from the yesterday Tech Summit. Could somebody help me out where to find this section?

Re: RE: Tech Summit Keynotes

Hi Michael, you can find the Tech Summit session decks and recordings here. If you're looking for a session that was presented yesterday, just a heads up that the deck/recording may not be up yet.

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

It will be really amazing if you could post here Keynote by Brad Anderson form Birmingham (UK). The part of Keynote - with short talk with girls from The Britich Museum - is truly amazing.



Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

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Hi Tobiasz, the Keynote in Birmingham was not recorded. We do have the Copenhagen recording in the above post as well as many of the other cities!

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

The only keynotes that were recorded were Chicago, Copenhagen, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, and Toronto.  They can all be viewed here in this post.