Tech Summit Keynotes


Tech Summit Keynotes

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Tech Summit Keynotes



Seoul, April 27-28: @Jeff Medford

Copenhagen, March 30-31: Brad Anderson

Bangalore, March 16-17: Corey Sanders

Singapore, March 13-14: Seth Patton

Washington DC, March 6-7: @Julia White

Frankfurt, Feb 9-10: James Phillips

Johannesburg, Feb 6-7: Scott Hanselman

Chicago, Jan 19-20: Jason Zander (Microsoft)

Tel Aviv, Dec 7-8: Scott Guthrie (Microsoft)

Mexico City, Nov 15-16: @Catherine Boeger (KURSCH) (Microsoft)

Sao Paulo, Nov 7-8: @Scott Woodgate (Microsoft)

Toronto, Oct 27-28: Takeshi Numoto (Microsoft)

Prague, Oct 17-18: James Staten (Microsoft)

Taipei, Oct 12-13: Julia White (Microsoft)





Mexico City Keynote in Spanish.

Mexico City Keynote with English subtitles.







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RE: Tech Summit Keynotes

Hi, I am searching the section where I could download the presentations of the sessions from the yesterday Tech Summit. Could somebody help me out where to find this section?

Re: RE: Tech Summit Keynotes

Hi Michael, you can find the Tech Summit session decks and recordings here. If you're looking for a session that was presented yesterday, just a heads up that the deck/recording may not be up yet.

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

It will be really amazing if you could post here Keynote by Brad Anderson form Birmingham (UK). The part of Keynote - with short talk with girls from The Britich Museum - is truly amazing.



Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

Hi Tobiasz, the Keynote in Birmingham was not recorded. We do have the Copenhagen recording in the above post as well as many of the other cities!

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

The only keynotes that were recorded were Chicago, Copenhagen, Washington DC, Tel Aviv, Mexico City, and Toronto.  They can all be viewed here in this post.

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

HI Maddie. Do you know if there details about the British Museum talk that was given at Birmingham? It was a really interesting discussion and I would be interested to read more about it.

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

Re: Tech Summit Keynotes

Thank you Anna. Exactly what I was looking for, very interesting read.