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I don't know what the question is asking or how to figure out the formula
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I don't know what the question is asking or how to figure out the formula
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My publusher 2016  will not save as pdf . why? it was working a couple of months ago , I saving a book of 8 pages with lots of editing  text and pictures and saving it as

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Hi Harjit,

Do you know anything about speakers? Any kind Call for Speakers?


@Harjit Dhaliwal Bangalore is not listed? no plan to schedule one in Bangalore?

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Does anyone know when the Power Point Slides for the sessions become available for download, which was mentioned by the presenters at the Birmingham event?

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Come on MS, when can we download the presentations?

Hopefully they'll be up soon; an email went out late last week saying "view the sessions you may have missed", but none of the sessions I looked at had been updated.

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I was wondering the same thing myself

I have some user-specific data that I need to store in SharePoint Online and make accessible to the user through custom webparts. For example, list of subscription details(name, url, status). What would be the most straightforward way to store this inform

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I would recommend asking this question in the SharePoint Community Space where it will be seen by more people. This location in the network is better suited for questions... Read More

Hello Folks,


Did any of you attend the tech Summit at Amsterdam last week?

if yes, can one of you share the highlights of the event?


I had registered myself but due to some last minute work escalation, I couldnt make it.





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Hey Ramana,

Sorry you couldn't make it. There were several tracks, what specifically were you interested in?



Hello, I attended the Microsoft Summit. Within 2 SQL server sessions, they showed the possibility's for SQL server 2016 and SQL in Azure. He showed the possibilities for

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We're flying in from Brussels and staying at the First Hotel Kong Frederik.


Any tips on the restaurant we should visit on Thursday evening?


Looking forward to the event!

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Hey guys,

Can anyone help me. I'm checking out of my hotel tomorrow and will be moving my car over to the NEC. Does anyone know about the email regarding free parking?
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Hi @Andrew Baker,


Parking is free in the East lost as long as you show your badge upon exiting. Thanks!

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At the Summit  I asked one of the Summit team mebers if it would be possible to do a  post-registration to the event, so my co-workers would be able to download the session material and get access to the hands on labs to try out some things?


Now one of my

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Hi @Florian Moos,


Thanks for your questions! We have most of the slide decks/recordings from the sessions available here. The labs are available 30 days after the event

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As part of our March focus on IT Career Paths and Skills, we wanted to share some useful DevOps resources with the Tech Summit community.  DevOps has become more and more prevalent as organizations are challenged to keep up with the pace of change.  Read

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I need help understanding the re-application process. I fit into the group that qualifies for Bizspark and it is incredibly important to me to get this done. I really appreciate help here. There is no information on the FAQs about re-applying.

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Hi @Michael Perlow, check out the Bizspark FAQ which should address your question: https://bizspark.microsoft.com/About/FAQ

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Why attend?


Free cloud training
Free, two-day technical training for IT professionals and developers with experts who build the cloud services across Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and Windows 10.


Customize your learning

Whether you know your way around

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Any plans for Toronto or Montreal?
See you all in Amsterdam!!

Will there be night coding events for the devlopers?, so that we can bring our laptops along



at the Tech Summit website https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/techsummit there's no contact information if I want to ask the organizers about the content & sponsorship,

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