BRK4018: Fix web app compatibility with Enterprise Mode


BRK4018: Fix web app compatibility with Enterprise...

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BRK4018: Fix web app compatibility with Enterprise Mode


Taipei, Oct 12-13: TBD

Prague, Oct 17-18: Ed Baker

Toronto, Oct 27-28: @Jay Templeton

Sao Paulo, Nov 7-8: João Victor Guimarães Janiro

Mexico City, Nov 15-16: Pedro Domínguez Conde

Tel Aviv, Dec 7-8: @Nizan Schtalman

Chicago, Jan 19-20: Fred Pullen

Johannesburg, Feb 6-7: Terrence Lim

Washington DC, March 6-7: Alfred Ojukwu

Singapore, March 13-14: @Sakthis Kumar
Bangalore, March 16-17: @Iftekhar Hussain

Milan, March 20-21: @Adnan Hendricks
Amsterdam, March 23-24: @Adnan Hendricks
Birmingham, March 27-28: @Andrew Bettany
Copenhagen, March 30-31: @Jesper Nielsen

Seoul, April 27-28: Jun Hyoung Lee

ABSTRACT: Microsoft Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode provides better backward compatibility for web apps designed for older versions of Internet Explorer.  This session covers Enterprise Mode in detail, focusing on Microsoft Windows 10 environments where Microsoft Edge is the default.






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Re: BRK4018: Fix web app compatibility with Enterp...

Presented BRK4018 yesterday @Singapore Tech Summit with a interesting audience from the SG Govt sector.. 



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