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Looking for Office 365 session content from the Microsoft Tech Summits? Here is a directory of all of the Office 365 sessions. Click the link to see the session post, view the PowerPoints, and ask questions. 


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GS01: Powering IT Transformation with Office 365

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Step by step .How cuts the ace in each royal suit.
Nice compilation, all at one place.
HI Michael, Great event. Thank you ! However I don't see the session listed above for PPM/Project Online (was on the 2nd day of the Summit this week) - Any thoughts ?

Hi team,


Thanks for compiling these.


I was at the tech event in B'ham, UK this week and was very impressed.  Thanks for compiling the collection of presentations for us. 

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This is really great work, thank you so much @Michael Holste.

I want to know how can get audit log for who Sign-in Block in Office 365 Admin portal. Where can we get log details who block user Sign-in. 

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I wana know the shortcut key for creating shaort form of full name in Excel.

Like DS for Deepak sharma, so that whenever I write DS in Excel book Deepak Sharma appears..

please suggest me..

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Go to Spelling and Grammar and create an Auto Correct Function to replace the initials with the full name.

Hi Community,

Im using Microsoft outlook 365 group icon is not appear on Macbook Pro  thorw outlook web access i can access the group mention blow i attach picture of account 

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