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It's been a long time where I have not seen where Microsoft has organized any Tech Summit in Cochin area . If anybody from Microsoft is reading my post , Can you please forward my message to the concerned department so that one global summit can be arrang

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Thanks for your feedback, Manas :)

It`s always good to see enthusiast looking forward to participate in our events. When the next cities list is ready we`ll be sure to sha... Read More

Looking for Azure session content from the Microsoft Tech Summits? Here is a directory of all of the Azure sessions. Click the link to see the session post, view the PowerPoints, and ask questions. 


Find a city near you!Find a city near you!

Find a city near you!



GS05: Reinventing IT infrastructure for business agility

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Great info and very useful

I have watched a lot of these videos, and im due to attend the UK events next week, is there going to be any new content, because at the moment im wondering if i should a

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BRK2340 The benefits of running your SAP Applications on Azure is missing from the list. Can somene please upload the slides.

BRK3237 slides are missing !
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