All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

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All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

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Looking for Azure session content from the Microsoft Tech Summits? Here is a directory of all of the Azure sessions. Click the link to see the session post, view the PowerPoints, and ask questions. 


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GS05: Reinventing IT infrastructure for business agility


GS06: Secure and manage your digital transformation


GS08: Modernize your Data Platform with SQL technologies


BRK2057: Bring existing desktop apps to the Universal Windows Platform (Project Centennial)


BRK2085 - Understand the future of software development in the cloud with Azure Application Platform...


BRK2127 - Adopt a comprehensive identity-driven solution for protecting and sharing data securely


BRK2138: Manage your mobile devices and apps with Microsoft Intune

BRK2139 - Enable managed mobile productivity with EMS and Office 365 


BRK2139: Protect your business and empower your users with cloud Identity and Access Management


BRK2140: Get updates to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016 and Azure


BRK2141: Drive transformative change with advanced analytics in Cortana Intelligence Suite and Micro...


BRK2154 - Explore Microsoft Azure Stack “State of the Union”


BRK2169: Explore Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security and Software Defined Data Center


BRK2178 - Deep dive into Operations Managment Suite for Applications and Infrastructure


BRK2226: Discover Azure Service Managment innovations


BRK2250: Build serverless applications with Azure Functions


BRK2272: Use Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a starting point on your cloud journey


BRK2296: Build Microservices and container solutions using Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container ...


BRK2300: Running Line of Business Apps on Azure


BRK2305: Protect your business with Azure, a secure and trusted cloud


BRK2306: Port your AWS knowledge to Azure


BRK2322: Build a Solution on Azure Gov Today


BRK2323: Going Hybrid: Leveraging Azure Government for Better Datacenter Management


BRK3075 - Explore cross-platform mobile development end-to-end with Xamarin


BRK3210: Deliver high scale and low cost solutions with Azure Tiered Cloud Storage


BRK3224 - Architecting robust Big Data Solutions on Azure


BRK3237 - Microsoft Azure Networking: Getting things connected


BRK3272: Enable agile enterprise connectivity anywhere using Microsoft Integration


BRK3305: Dive into PowerApps, building apps that mean business without writing code


BRK3330 - Join your Windows 10 devices to Azure AD for anywhere, anytime productivity


BRK3343 - Build modern cloud based web and mobile applications on Azure


BRK3355: Microsoft Azure Government: Not All Clouds Are Created Equal


BRK4008: Dive deep into Azure Container Services





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10 Replies

RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Please consider in Delhi,India as well!

RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Please consider Cairo, Egypt for Tech Summit

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Very Useful links thanks

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Thank you for compiling this list. A lot of stuff to go through

RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Merci Bien

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

BRK3237 slides are missing !

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

BRK2340 The benefits of running your SAP Applications on Azure is missing from the list. Can somene please upload the slides.

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

I have watched a lot of these videos, and im due to attend the UK events next week, is there going to be any new content, because at the moment im wondering if i should attend as i have seen 80% of whats going to be said.



Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Great info and very useful

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Hey Phil, 

There are a lot of benefits to attending, even if you've watched a lof the content already. Here's a few great reasons why I'd still go: 

    - Connect with local peers + companies who share the same passion for technology

    - Attend Ask the Experts to speak directly with Microsoft and MVPs around a wide array of topics

    - Engage directly with speakers to answer questions you have about the sessions
    - Attend sessions you haven't watched, or start learning about related Microsoft technologies and how they work together

     - The keynote content changes per city

     - It's free! 


Hope to see you there! Come stop by the community booth and meet some members of our team (I'll be there).