All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

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All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Looking for Azure session content from the Microsoft Tech Summits? Here is a directory of all of the Azure sessions. Click the link to see the session post, view the PowerPoints, and ask questions. 


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GS05: Reinventing IT infrastructure for business agility


GS06: Secure and manage your digital transformation


GS08: Modernize your Data Platform with SQL technologies


BRK2057: Bring existing desktop apps to the Universal Windows Platform (Project Centennial)


BRK2085 - Understand the future of software development in the cloud with Azure Application Platform...


BRK2127 - Adopt a comprehensive identity-driven solution for protecting and sharing data securely


BRK2138: Manage your mobile devices and apps with Microsoft Intune

BRK2139 - Enable managed mobile productivity with EMS and Office 365 


BRK2139: Protect your business and empower your users with cloud Identity and Access Management


BRK2140: Get updates to Remote Desktop Services in Windows Server 2016 and Azure


BRK2141: Drive transformative change with advanced analytics in Cortana Intelligence Suite and Micro...


BRK2154 - Explore Microsoft Azure Stack “State of the Union”


BRK2169: Explore Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Security and Software Defined Data Center


BRK2178 - Deep dive into Operations Managment Suite for Applications and Infrastructure


BRK2226: Discover Azure Service Managment innovations


BRK2250: Build serverless applications with Azure Functions


BRK2272: Use Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a starting point on your cloud journey


BRK2296: Build Microservices and container solutions using Azure Service Fabric and Azure Container ...


BRK2300: Running Line of Business Apps on Azure


BRK2305: Protect your business with Azure, a secure and trusted cloud


BRK2306: Port your AWS knowledge to Azure


BRK2322: Build a Solution on Azure Gov Today


BRK2323: Going Hybrid: Leveraging Azure Government for Better Datacenter Management


BRK3075 - Explore cross-platform mobile development end-to-end with Xamarin


BRK3210: Deliver high scale and low cost solutions with Azure Tiered Cloud Storage


BRK3224 - Architecting robust Big Data Solutions on Azure


BRK3237 - Microsoft Azure Networking: Getting things connected


BRK3272: Enable agile enterprise connectivity anywhere using Microsoft Integration


BRK3305: Dive into PowerApps, building apps that mean business without writing code


BRK3330 - Join your Windows 10 devices to Azure AD for anywhere, anytime productivity


BRK3343 - Build modern cloud based web and mobile applications on Azure


BRK3355: Microsoft Azure Government: Not All Clouds Are Created Equal


BRK4008: Dive deep into Azure Container Services





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RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Please consider in Delhi,India as well!

RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Please consider Cairo, Egypt for Tech Summit

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Very Useful links thanks

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Thank you for compiling this list. A lot of stuff to go through

RE: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Merci Bien

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

BRK3237 slides are missing !

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

BRK2340 The benefits of running your SAP Applications on Azure is missing from the list. Can somene please upload the slides.

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

I have watched a lot of these videos, and im due to attend the UK events next week, is there going to be any new content, because at the moment im wondering if i should attend as i have seen 80% of whats going to be said.



Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Great info and very useful

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Hey Phil, 

There are a lot of benefits to attending, even if you've watched a lof the content already. Here's a few great reasons why I'd still go: 

    - Connect with local peers + companies who share the same passion for technology

    - Attend Ask the Experts to speak directly with Microsoft and MVPs around a wide array of topics

    - Engage directly with speakers to answer questions you have about the sessions
    - Attend sessions you haven't watched, or start learning about related Microsoft technologies and how they work together

     - The keynote content changes per city

     - It's free! 


Hope to see you there! Come stop by the community booth and meet some members of our team (I'll be there). 

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Just to say a quick thanks Michael, i attended the event yesterday unfortunately im not able to attend today due to work commitments.

Great event with some really good content, i look forward to attending more events in the future.

Just one point, some great Azure content id love to do some testing on, does Microsoft give IT Pro's any free credits to learn and develop skills within Azure? I would really like to do some testing on what i learnt yesterday

Re: All Azure Sessions at Tech Summit

Hey Phil, 


Glad you made it and found value in the event. We do indeed have some free resources available to help you on your journey with Azure. 


You can get free Azure credits here and find free training here

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