Office 365 Installer Wizard Error - SCCM 1710

Kym Dyer
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Office 365 Installer Wizard Error - SCCM 1710

Working from the console on a client machine ...


in SCCM 1710 with KB4057517 installed, when I click on the Office 365 installer from Office 365 client management I can run the wizard, set the configuration and complete the wizard, however the wizard presents an error after downloading the setup.exe and creating the configuration file.


The error I get is "Processing of Office 365 files failed, error =" with no error code.


I have a log (PatchDownloader.log)  in my temp directory that indicates the setup.exe successfully downloaded from MS and was moved to my source location.


Any ideas what's going on or where I can find any useful logs?

Office 365 Updates are enabled and are being downloaded on schedule with the ADR ... so the server can contact the Microsoft CDN.

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