Boundary Groups and OSD

Russell Meyer
Occasional Contributor

Have a sort of crazy place has 2016 and all AD sites (ranges verified) are tied to appropriate boundaries, DPs seem up to date with all the correct software, is split into two boundary groups, east and west...when we started to test OSD we noticed it took a heck of a lot longer than MDT...the DP is in the same site as the imaging client...


when we started to dig in, we noticed that while the pxe booted locally, the handoff for populating task lists went to the upstream SCCM server (which is the main node for west, west is a secondary)...after the selection of the tasks, everything start processing however we noticed that it is not pulling with disk image down from the local DP, but another server in the boundary group (we did have SCCM validate it is local)...we repeated to see if it was specific server for the image download, it wasnt, it was a random site each time...