SCCM ever going away?

Shane Curtis
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SCCM ever going away?

Very curious!  Is the plan to eventually move all SCCM functionality to Intune?  If so, how much longer will SCCM on prem be around?

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RE: SCCM ever going away?

No, the plan is not to move all SCCM functionality to Intune. Modern management is different than traditional management (e.g. Win32 apps vs. Modern Apps, GPO vs. MDM policy, Imaging vs. Modern Provisioning). Co-management is the path to migrate workloads over time, by persisting traditional management in SCCM and moving modern workloads to Intune. Over time. SCCM on-prem will be around for as long as traditional workloads are around (years).

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Great response, thanks!

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To clarify, for the features which will not be moved to Intune, is that because they are considered 'legacy' features which won't be needed going forward?
Imaging, for example, seems like a hard feature to move to a cloud service, but it also seems that MS is pushing hard to eliminate the need for that feature. I'm not yet sure I agree, but MS clearly sees a day coming when we don't need to wipe and reload brand new computers, or even to fix an issue on an existing computer. Maybe someday...

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Right, workloads like imaging are inherently complex and not inline with the lightweight management constructs of Intune. So we don't want to move the inherent complexity to the cloud and call it "modern." That said, we've very invested in ensuring our customers have practical bridge solutions to modernize, so we expect to iterate on solutions like AutoPilot with you as quickly as possible to make sure they work.

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I feel like this answer should have a giant asterisk by it.

Technically SCCM will never be cancelled because it has a massive install base for supporting legacy/traditional workloads.  Tons of companies rely on it for this so it will continue to get regular updates, patches, and remain a reliable workhorse for a long while.

It will also never provide any real value to emerging companies not tied to tech-debt, nor do any function remotely as well as it can be done using modern apps/processes due to it being tied to legacy dependancies so it can perform those functions.   it will, from this point forward, be a mountain of old ideas that smell a bit more like garbage every year.

There is, without exception, nothing SCCM provides that cannot be done better with other tools/methodologies unless you have that legacy ball and chain holding you back.

App Management?  Most modern apps are either services hosted in HTML5 or can be neatly distributed via container structures like docker.  The complex days of app sequencing are coming to an end.  Done.  Very soon docker repos will be the new Distribution Points, and users will simply browse from a landing page to all thier apps.

Workstation Config profiles?  Why install and maintain a SCCM farm when you can just use a PaaS?  Not having to config WSUS and configure update packages is worth it alone, plus the "internet first" nature means _zero_ needs for VPNs or other complex network design elements.

Compliance settings?  DSC has that covered now and can act as a framework for things like Puppet, Chef, or the myriad of Azure/AWS hosted versions.  Oh and DSC works better than SCCM policies ever did.

Imaging?  Heck, MDT already does it better than SCCM anyway, and it's free.  Better yet, get onto Windows 10 that overhauled the whole process.  It's not that tough anymore.  Want to image servers?  Packer does it waaaaaaaaaay better and it's free.

SCCM is not going anywhere.  Neither in the marketplace nor in advancements.