eDiscovery & Administrative Management of Sways

Victoria Hughes
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I'm looking to confirm my understanding of current state and whether there are any future plans (known or documented in the Microsoft Roadmap) for the following regarding Sway (business, not consumer):



  • Sway activities are available in the Audit Log of the S&C
  • Sways are held in a blob storage in Azure, so are not stored in Exchange or SharePoint
  • Because Sways are not in the purview of Exchange or SharePoint, you cannot place them on eDiscovery holds or capture them in content searches
  • No PowerShell module exists that can manage Sways from a tenant admin perspective, like Whiteboard.
  • Additionally, because they are not stored in Exchange or SharePoint, and there is not a PowerShell module, you cannot transfer ownership of a Sway(s) to another user.

Thank you!


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@Victoria Hughes Hello Victoria, I see your post is a few months old without any replies. I too have these same questions. Were you able to track down answers in any other forums? I am assessing the risk of using Sway, so far it looks like it does not have the controls needed to implement in regulated industries.

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