Any advice on making Sways visible on search engines?

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I would like to know if it's possible for a Sway presentation to be made searchable on Google, Bing, etc, just as a normal webpage can be. I'm not overly internet savvy, but I can't envisage any simple way of doing this. Has anyone come up with solutions for making their Sway presentations visible on search engines? Many thanks in advance for any tips! 

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Hi James - I've never tried, but I think this should work the same as adding any other page to a search engine.  If there's any specific barrier to getting Sway to do this, it'd be a bug we should fix.


Here's one link I found with some details:


@JamesFunk did you ever figure out how to do this? When a Sway is added to a SPO page, its contents are not found by the SharePoint search engine. 

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