Our new Sway Tech Community is where we will showcase our latest product updates, share insider tips and tricks, and listen to your valued feedback.


Microsoft Sway is an intelligent app that creates engaging, interactive web-based documents and presentations in a matter of minutes. You provide the words, images, and other content that matters to you, and Sway does the heavy lifting to make it look beautiful and professional. Sway is infinitely versatile — use it in the workplace, in a classroom, and for that personal touch in all of your communications. 


As a member of the Sway product team, I can truly say that we take all of your feedback to heart. We are constantly iterating on new and improved features based on your reactions and feedback, and we’re keen to hear what you’d like to see next. And who knows… you might just see your feature suggestion in a future Sway update!


Thank you for joining the Sway Tech Community. We’re happy to have you here.