Fall is a time for change. With the turning of leaves to golden yellows and brilliant reds comes a visual refresh for Sway.com. Starting today, Sway on the web and Sway for the Windows 10 app has a simplified interface with all the same features you already know and enjoy.


While Sway has changed visually, functionally it is the same.

 ModeSwitchScreenCapture.gifSwitch between Storyline and Design to create your Sway.


To make it easier to create and preview your Sway content, we replaced Storyline and Preview with two new tabs called Storyline and Design. With Storyline, you can structure your Sway and create content with Cards and Insert. Design lets you preview your Sway, make light edits, and use Styles to change the look and feel of your Sway. The special Remix! feature lives under Design, too.


For a walkthrough of how to navigate these changes, see Getting started with Sway.


We came to these changes after a fulfilling user-testing journey and hope that you like the new look.



—The Sway team


The consolidated controls look good so far! Great job Sway team. 

Great news with Print and Export !

I thought SWAY almost dead! They closed the site sometime ago. Or Am I mistaken?


 @Jayaram Krishnaswamy Sway is alive and thriving. Find us on Sway.com :) 

Does it mean that the older sways of mine are still alive?


Yes. You can see all of your Sways on Sway.com/my.

Is there a way to convert Sway to a Video? Sway to PowerPoint?


No, there is not. However, you can export a Sway as a Word document.

Occasional Visitor

We are looking to use Sway as an employee newsletter tool. Does Sway offer a shareable list of all the Sway newsletters created by a user or with a certain title? We'd like to have an archive page of all the newsletters so employees can access them as needed.