How many times have you created and shared a Sway with coworkers or classmates, then wondered whether how many readers read through to the end? No more—now you can Sway smarter with Analytics, available to Office 365 subscribers on Sway.com and Sway for Windows 10.


Using Analytics, Office 365 subscribers can see a breakdown of the number of readers who glanced at a Sway, who gave it a quick read, and who sat down and gave it a deep read. Office 365 subscribers  can also see the average time spent on each Sway and average completion, which is smartly calculated based on how much readers interacted with that Sway’s content.


Analytics offers unique value to Office 365 subscribers. You can use it to understand audience engagement of any shared Sway, whether it be material sent out before a meeting, learning modules from a flipped classroom, or a vision document.


Where the Analytics view shines is with the newsletter. Imagine that you use Sway each month to send out a newsletter to your company. You start the newsletter from a Sway template that you previously created— you branded it with your company’s colors and logo—which makes it a breeze to recycle structure and formatting. After getting your monthly newsletter into tiptop shape, you share it with your entire company.


(To learn how to use templates and brand your Sway with a custom color, read this blog post. To learn how to add a logo, read this announcement.)


After sharing your Sway, you can watch the total views roll in and see metrics like:


  • How many readers opened the Sway and quickly scrolled through the text.
  • How many readers interacted with the content to understand the material.
  • How far most readers got through the material.

You can glean all this information and more from the read ratio and reader averages.


Analytics empowers content creators to tweak their content to improve reader engagement over time and create engaging and impactful Sways. Know thy readers, know thyself.

analytics_blog_small - Copy.pngYou can see detailed information about your readership under the Analytics tab under My Sways.


Metrics that are captured for each Sway include:


Total views—Number of unique views on your Sway. Views count from any device. Coauthors do not count toward Analytics.


Average time spent—Average of all viewers’ time spent engaging with your Sway.


Average completion—Average of how far all viewers scrolled through your Sway.


Read ratio—We have three tiers of readership based on level of interaction—glanced, quick read, and deep read—and is based on the Sway and its contents. It could mean clicking through the images of a stack, listening to audio, watching an embedded video, or sliding between two images in a comparison.


  • Glanced: Readers either scrolled through a Sway to get a high-level overview or they simply opened it.
  • Quick read: Readers spent time in most sections. They interacted with enough of the content in a Sway to understand the material.
  • Deep read: These readers are the most engaged. They spent significant time reading through and interacting with content.

All data is anonymized and compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Analytics shows all Sways with reader activity starting from April 3, 2018.


As always, contact us through UserVoice to let us know your thoughts and vote on others' ideas. We truly do listen to your feedback. Requests from Sway users motivated us to build the Analytics view.


We look forward to hearing from you!



—The Sway team

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  This is my first time looking at SWAY.

I have much to learn, I will definitely post more comments in the future.



Thank you,

Richard E Whittle

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I have been using Sway for sometime now. I share a lot of the presentations and trainings I deliver : on Sway. The Analytics feature has been of help to me. But one thing that is sorely missing, in analytics, is the feature to see who has 'glanced', done a 'quick read' or done a 'deep read'. This would help a lot. I use Microsoft Forms as well - and there this feature is part of the configuration : where I can collect feedback anonymously or not. If this feature is made available in Sway analytics - it would add more meaning and value.
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Yes I just read that data is anonymized. But if the sway presentation is within an organization - then it would help to see which users within that organization accessed that presentation. I hope that does not conflict with GDPR requirements.
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The Analytics is VERY helpful to see how the audience is engaged.  This helps me keep on track with the content I am providing to my company.  I would love to see what section had the most views even just to see where most people spent a bulk of their time.  I would also love to see a list of who did not even open the content.



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Is there any way to see the data over time? As in how many clicks or views it received from oct to nov and then from nov to dec? Thanks!


@Deleted, @Rajiv Ramanjani@Jennifer Tracy, and @Brooke Stillwell thank you all for your comments and suggestions! We are not showing the names of readers as that presents privacy concerns around consent; that's in part why we anonymize the data. I love the suggestions to show where users spent the bulk of their time and to see the data over time. We'll keep these in mind for the future. Feel free to add these suggestions to our UserVoice!



We have noted an issue with the Sway Analytics information, the Total Views counts on several of our Sways actually dropped between May 18th and August 21st. That seems very odd if it is accumulating information from a fixed date, as you state above.


I have a user that says that the counts on most of her Sways dropped (though not all of them), she says that one example had a count of 57 on May 15th, and on Aug 21st it said 20.  I have searched the web and this site for information, but I have so far been unable to find any reference to a similar problem.  My user reports those statistics to our Boss, and she is concerned that it appears to be giving incorrect information.


I submitted this question to Office 365 Support, but their reply said that there is no other information available regarding the Total View counts except the details in this post, which I found quite strange.  I hope that you might be able to offer some insights.  Thanks!

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"...Sway and average completion, which is smartly calculated based on how much readers interacted with that Sway’s content"


I'm curious about this statement. Is scrolling the only thing being tracked for "interaction"? Do analytics capture any data on the media that is embedded in a Sway? I'm currently experimenting with Sway for hosting/sharing of student work (e.g. podcasts, videos, etc.) and would love to see Analytics give indications of how much people are engaging with the media content. For example, if there is an audio file or video it would be great to see the average length of time people are listening/watching.

Hi @Sabrina, my case is bit odd. I have made Sway report for my Summit report/internal newsletter. But I cannot get the analytics because the page view is still 0 (not changed) even my colleagues already read it/open it. If this would help to trace/find out what is the issue, here's my Sway link: https://sway.office.com/C3ihFy3Qy45blvml?ref=Link Hope you can give me the solution on this! I need that analytics for the research. Thanks :) Cheers, Defry
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I am having exactly the same issue!

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Hi - Is it possible to ingest the Sway analytics data into a Power BI dashboard?

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Please help if you could, what if I share my sway presentation with people and still see the no. of views as 0. How could I get a count of views and their names probably? I have to share the data with management.

Please revert, this is urgent for me. :(

Thanks in advance.


@Sabrina Mohamed  I'm also seeing the same issue where people have confirmed to me that they've viewed a new Sway but Analytics isn't reflecting that. I still just see 0 views. Is this a known issue? Would love to switch over a couple email newsletters to Sway but need the analytics piece for tracking & optimization.