Microsoft is retiring the Sway for iOS app December 17, 2018. We’re advising all our valued iOS users to use Sway online at sway.office.com.


With this change, we’re consolidating our Sway experience. Sway online provides the same, most up-to-date feature set across platforms and devices.


All Sways that you have created or edited on Sway for iOS will continue to exist, and you access them on Sway online.


You can use the iOS app until December 17, 2018. After that date, when you open the app you will be greeted with a message directing you to Sway online.


We want to extend the biggest thank you to our iOS users. We appreciate your support of Sway for iOS and look forward to seeing your Sways online.


—The Sway team



Frequently asked questions


Q. What will happen to my Sways?

A. All of your Sways will continue to exist and can be accessed through the web service at sway.office.com. You will also be able to access your Sways on our Windows 10 app, available in the Microsoft Store.


Q. Is Sway for Windows 10 also going away?

A. Not at all! Sway for Windows 10 is a web-hosted app and will continue to exist.


Q. What’s the timeline for retirement for the Sway iOS app?

A. The timeline is as follows:

  • October 19, 2018—The app will be removed from the Apple App Store. Users won't be able to download or update the Sway iOS application anymore.
  • December 17, 2018—The app will stop working. Anyone who attempts to open the app will be greeted with a message directing them to use Sway online.
  • From August and December—Users of the app will receive in-app notifications encouraging them to use Sway online.


New Contributor

How bizarre the day after I read this that you release an update to the app.


“Sway online provides the same, most up-to-date feature set across platforms and devices.” Are you sure? I can create and edit Sways using the app but I can’t in Safari on my iPhone. 

Occasional Visitor

I’m shocked. Can you please retire people with such decisions, not app?

Firstly, you can't edit sways in mobile browser.


Secondly, rich editing not in native app? Seriously? What’s next? Maybe Word, Excel?  Please delete this blog post and announcement immediately. And we’ll try to forget about this awful rudeness.


Does this mean that Sway is going the way of deprecation? It seems to be pretty much hands off from Microsoft at Ignite and at every session I asked about Sway for integration and they say that it is not happening currently.


@Shaun Jennings — On the contrary! At this year's Microsoft Ignite, we announced an integration with Word, where anyone with an Office 365 subscription can transform their Word document and publish it as a Sway web page. We demoed this integration at the Office apps booth and in the following sessions, which have recordings available for your viewing:



More info on 'Transform to web' is coming soon... stay tuned!

Regular Visitor

@Sabrina Mohamed- Thank you for those Ignite sessions. I guess I did not pick the right ones to see more information on Sway. I enjoyed the presentations and I look forward to trying out some of these integrations.


@Sabrina Mohamed- sorry I used the wrong account to reply . 

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Is there anyway I can continue to use the app after the end date? Regardless of future updates not being a thing, the mobile browser doesn’t allow you to edit anything. With many college level classes and one class that requires a new sway every week, this app is my only solution to Manage it all.


@Gregory Gould — The app will stop working on December 17, 2018, but you can continue to use it until that date. I hope that carries you through end of term. You can also edit Sways on tablet and desktop browsers. Good luck with your classes!

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This is unfortunate. I dont know how many times as a teacher I am able to take photos of students work with my phone and upload it directly to the sway. Now I have to use my phones browser to use Sway now? 


@Brandyn Van SantThat is what it is looking like.

Occasional Visitor

@Shaun Jennings "hand on forehead" They made a great tool/app and then they are pushing us to the browser? What a bad move. 


@Brandyn Van SantI love using the iOS app to see how people will view my presentations.


I think that using Sway for presentations is very under utilized.

Occasional Visitor

 @Sabrina Mohamed

Hi Sabrina

In preparing for our school transitioning away from the Sway iOS app to browser I've been testing the workflows. 

I’ve tested adding images in the Safari browser on iOS, however background images can’t be added from the Photo library.  Whereas on the Sway iOS app images can be added from the device or camera.  Will this functionality be added to the browser version or should we shift to using Wix, Weebly or Adobe Spark apps instead? Any visibility over these changes welcomed.

Occasional Visitor

 @Sabrina Mohamed- Hi Sabrina! For the Ignite sessions you mentioned, specifically the one about tracking engagement in Sway, is there a way to access those sessions retroactively? Were they maybe posted as webinars afterward, or transcripts? I was not at Ignite and would really like to check those sessions out. Thanks! 


@Casey Rinehart  It was a 20 minute session (I think). I don't know if it was recorded.

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Literally just discovered Sway and came to see how my organisation can start utilising it and especially on our iPads. Guess I'll just retreat backwards now then


@Scott FairfieldYou can still utilize sway through the web browser. Still works great, but just not via an app. If you use the web browser, you can access your OneDrive content.

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......... you know, I didn’t understand removing the groove music app but this is just plain stupid. I got an iPhone because y’all didn’t add the sway app to Windows 10 mobile from the beginning and now you remove Sway from the store and going to force kill it?!?! Just keep making these decisions Microsoft and I don’t expect you to survive in 10 years

@Sabrina Mohamed  Why is the iOS app being removed after only one year of use? I know you stipulated as you are consolidating the experience, but that would mean having multiple points of entrance being the look and feel. Is this the beginning of all iOS apps from Microsoft going away? 


While I know that I can just to go sway.com and access everything via web browser, why would I want to do that on my Apple device? If I have to use a web browser, I would just go to my workstation or laptop to do that. Using the web browser on any mobile device is not standard practice, it is all app driven.


I know, why wait until the final hours of life to ask these questions...they just popped into my head. I like using the iOS app to view and edit on the fly. Just makes it quick and easy to do when all you have handy is your mobile device.

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Not to mention, the website does not allow creating or editing with a mobile browser........ so again there is no point to remove the app. This is stupid, if Microsoft was saying it wasn’t used as much well they should have advertised. Groove music died due to no advertisements. Not to mention movies anywhere is a 3rd party developer and not made by Microsoft. Pure laziness. Why act so anti iPhone or android now after windows phones are dead lol.