Thanks to everyone who participated in the Sway your Microsoft Ignite Experience Challenge—we're excited to announce the winners.


Congratulations to Rebecca Benishek, Rebecca Ruth Bertram, Chad Hudson, and Drew Madelung!


Sway is a great tool for writing trip reports while on-the-go. If you have an upcoming conference, consider using Sway to capture the highlights and share your experience with the rest of your organization. You can add content to Sway in real-time with our iOS app, as well as seamlessly co-author with colleagues. With mobile authoring in Sway, your trip report is ready to share by the time you board your plane home.


Have you used Sway for a trip report? Feel free to share feedback and ideas on Tech Community and UserVoice—we read every one.


conngratulations to the winners. I would like to take a look to the winners's Sways. How can get access? Here is my Ignite Experience Sway


@Alejandro Hernández Ramírez, thanks for sharing your Sway!

We haven't posted the links to the winning Sways, but challenge winners can share their Sways in the comments if they'd like to do so.

Thanks so much! I am honored to be one of the challenge winners. Such a nice extension of Ignite. :) 


Here's my Sway: Ignite 2017: Innovations & Inspiration.

Thanks for swag, Sway! :) SwaySwag.jpg



Here's my presentation if anyone wants to see it