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Hi anyone know a way to set the pen so that the side button will turn the main pen nib into an eraser? The eraser on the back end is too old skool eraser shape, not precise enough. Thanks!

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I am getting the blue screen of death once or twice a day, since getting the Surface Studio.


The most recent was BAD_POOL_HEADER. Before that it was DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL a few times.


How can I make it work all the time?







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We are travelling on the road with our new Microsoft Surface Studio signing up new members to the Tech Community!  Come to a city near you to see it in action.  To learn more visit www.microsoft.com/techsummit.


The Tech Community booth at the Johannesburg Tech Summit with our new Surface Studio!The Tech Community booth at the Johannesbu

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Hello and welcome to the Devices Community!  We are so glad you are here and excited to have this forum to collaborate and discuss all things Surface. You will find spaces for each one of our products in the Devices Community, so go ahead and take a look

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