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Sara Ghigliotti
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Dear all,


A few days ago I bought a new keyboard with the fingerprint recognition. I have attached the new keyboard to my Surface pro 3, the typing works, however, I am not able to set up the fingerprint recognition. When looking through the devices, the message "driver is unavailable" is visible under the device. I have everything updated and uninstalled & restarted (through devices and device manager) my computer several times.

Has anyone encountered the same problem or knows if I can download the driver separately on the internet?

Looking forward to your reply and thank you in advance,


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Hello Sara,


Are you connected Surface Keyboard? If yes 

As per the Microsoft article, The driver will be automatically installed through the windows update or Update manually from the Device Manager.

Please refer the below link:



Please try below steps:


Method 1:

Update the display drivers through Device manager.

Update biometric drivers

Please follow the steps given here to uninstall and then reinstall the Display drivers.

a) Press Windows +X keys on the keyboard.

b) Select Device Manager.

c) Find and Biometric drivers and expand it.

d) Right-click the Biometric drivers, and click Update driver software.

e) Follow the onscreen instructions to update biometric drivers.

f) Reboot the computer and check.

If the issue persists, follow the below method.


Method 2:

Install the latest updates to the biometric drivers through Windows updates.

  1. Open the Start menu and type Windows update in the search bar.
  2. Click on Windows update and Check for the updates.
  3. Download and install if there are any pending updates to be installed.

Please let me know.




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