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Hi There,


Yesterday my ARC mouse lost connection with my Surface Pro 4. I tried the following to re-connect the mouse again:

  • Removed the Mouse from Bluetooth and other device;
  • Removed the mouse form devices;
  • Removed and reinstalled the bluetooth drivers;

It i

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Eventually I reinstalled the Surface to factory default......

Problem "solved".

Me too. as well as a few users of mine

Hi team, 

i am using surface pro 4 update to creator update. but i am trying to connect  my arc mouce but can not. 

can any one please help?



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I also have this issue as well as a few users.
check if the Bluetooth Adapter is shown in the Device-Manager. And if shown check for a runnung Bluetooth-Service.

Does anyone know of an application that can do this?


I write music i.e. populating staves with notes and music symbols. I have a 21,5" screen in portrait mode with most staves of an symphonic orchestra visible. I whish to use the Surface as a magnifying g

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I have been trying to figure out how to project to my Surface 4.  I have successfully configured the Surface to allow projecting to this PC and the Surface shows up on my other computers but when I select to connect to the Surface it says to follow

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Can someone create a sub-group for new Surface Pro (2017) please?

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I have a user who looses network conectivity (WiFi) when the attach to the Surface dock.


Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?

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Don't forget to look at gpo if in corporate environment. I purposefully had to set it this way for security compliance so that we can't connect to Starbucks next door whi... Read More
Sounds like maybe it is trying to use the Ethernet port on the dock. Have you tried disabling the Ethernet adapter/port in Windows?
That sounds like an issue for support. Of course be sure the drivers and firmware are up-to-date. Any 3rd party antivirus involved?
Hi my surface pro 4 is showing a error while starting it,it says windows is unabe to start,even if i insert a recovery disk and trying to fix it it is not showing me the OS to recover or reset it,so plz help me fix it.
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can you please send a picture?


I have a surface pro 4 with Windows 10 operating System. when i open an explorer and maximize it and open another on or a browser and maximize it too, and then close top one, then close button on up-right corner start flashing.


what should i do?


help me

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Can anyone sugest a good pouch for Surface Pro 4?

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I'm in the UK and bought one from PC World. Its made by LOGIK, has a little dimple on the side that my pen fits in (not sure thats what its meant for but it works). See https://www.amazon.co.uk/LOGIK-Surface-Pro-Sleeve/dp/B01MCR54CY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490875605&sr=8-1&keywords=logik+case+for+surface+pro+4... Read More

If you want a deeper look at the hardware components, cooling system and design of Surface Pro 4, check out this video. Dave Mitchell is lead engineer on the Surface team.






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Hello and welcome to the Devices Community!  We are so glad you are here and excited to have this forum to collaborate and discuss all things Surface. You will find spaces for each one of our products in the Devices Community, so go ahead and take a look

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