First published on TECHNET on Dec 10, 2018
We’re pleased to announce the availability of the Microsoft Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business (SDT), designed to restore Surface devices to full productivity faster.

Built with advanced diagnostics, logging, and repair capabilities, SDT enables IT admins to quickly resolve hardware, software, and firmware issues in Surface devices, beginning with Surface Pro 3 and later. The solution consists of a distributable desktop application and command-line app console that ship together in Surface Tools for IT .

IT admins can run SDT in standard helpdesk scenarios, guiding users through interactive diagnostic hardware tests, software repairs and firmware updates, which -- in many cases – can restore Surface devices to full health.

Versatile testing & repair

We love what this combined desktop and command-line solution can do:

    • If SDT finds hardware issues, it generates a report, pinpointing potential causes and recommended troubleshooting steps.


    • If software is the cause, SDT can instantly repair system files and other core components.


    • If you need to diagnose devices for geographically dispersed teams, you can install the Surface diagnostic app console and run SDT remotely from your favorite command prompt.

Target & deploy

You can make SDT available via self-service install options across your organization, empowering users to take advantage of built-in repair capabilities before opening a support ticket.

And if your data shows, for example, that most of your Firstline workers only ever experience issues with display anomalies or sound, you can customize distributable SDT packages to just target those issues. The result: A more streamlined and unified experience that helps your most critical employees return to full productivity mode faster.

Command-line support

With the Surface diagnostics app console, you can directly troubleshoot devices remotely from the command prompt without user interaction, using standard tools such as Configuration Manager.

Download & install

Please note that SDT can only be installed for distribution by running MSI.exe from the command line. We strongly recommended reviewing the detailed instructions on the Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business page before proceeding.

SDT and the Surface diagnostics app console are available for download along with related deployment tools at Surface Tools for IT .