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Is there a way to manage StaffHub with PowerShell?

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Hi Matthew. StaffHub integrates with O365 groups for team membership and sharing files, so you can use PowerShell scripts to manage that connection. Other types of data (... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Anna Chu (Community Manager)

We just got MS Staffhub implemented into our system, I tried to download the Windows 10 Mobile app and to my supprise, MS doesn't have an app for one of their own programs. Are you going to release an app for this on Windows 10\Windows 10 Mobile? I can ge

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What level of deployments of WIndows Mobile are you seeing in your customers?
Once again, that is a companies nice way of saying we don't care about Windows 10 apps nor are we going to ever support or build anything. Message received.
At this time Windows Mobile is not in scope. We will continue to listen to customer feedback and reevaluate our priorities as we do for all feature requests.

The StaffHub app looks promising, but it seems to force us to create a new 365 Group when we create a StaffHub team.  We already have 365 Groups set-up, so don't need a new, separate 365 Group created, we just want to be able to create a StaffHub on an ex

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Hi Ian - Thanks for the question. We've heard this ask from a few customers and are actively investigating supporting this. No timelines to promise yet, but feel free to

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Best Response confirmed by Anna Chu (Community Manager)
We are evaluating several investments across the main feature areas (scheduling, communication, information sharing). What kind of capabilities do you feel would be of most value in the short to medium term (next 2-4 months or so)?
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  • Full functioning web portal would be ideal. Chat and Request approvals are only available through the moible app.  This is less than ideal for supervisors who are not "de
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Hi Adam,


I am currently testing StaffHub for our organization, it would be great if I could change the view to specifically see Teams or groups ie.  Instead of a view sho

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The app should have a configurable alert time - at the moment it's half an hour which doesn't help people who need to travel for more than half an hour to work :)
Set admins permission for group level, such that a group level admin cannot affect the Team level.

Save schedule templates at the group level.

Powershell control of the sch... Read More

Thanks, Stephen. We've heard this from other customers are well and are actively exploring how to support this. What countries/local holiday calendars are high priority f

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We are trying to sign into Staffhub on the web site. We put in our Offie 365 email account and go to sign in, it sign's us in, refreshes, flashes and then says you have successfully signed out. Are other experiancing the similar issues?

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Yes, that does make sense as to why we got blocked, but, what doesn't make sense is what is the difference in government access vs business access? So until a fix or upda... Read More
At launch back in January it was not intended for StaffHub to be accessible by government customers. However, it was discovered that some government users were able to ac... Read More
That is odd, because as of 2/3/17 we could sign into the MS Staffhub web link and have done so for the past 2-3 weeks.
We will take the feedback and work on a better experience to make it clear why you are getting signed out!!!
Yes, same thing. We currently do not have StaffHub set for Gov Cloud. Stay tuned as we are seeing many trials in the public sector space and will continue working hard to... Read More

If a user creates a StaffHub and he/she does not have access to create Groups, how can an admin then setup a Group for that particular StaffHub later if so requested?


Also can creation of StaffHub be restricted?



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Hi Robert - Users can actually still use StaffHub today even if Groups is disabled for your tenant. However, file sharing in StaffHub won't work. Would that work for your

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The Summary is now posted! View the summary in the attached Word Document or Sway


Thank you for joining us during this hour! We will put together a summary of what was covered during the AMA and share it here.   


We hope you will continue ask questi

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The Summary is posted!


You can view the summary in the attached Word Document or Sway


Thank you!



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A big thank you to everyone who joined us today!

With StaffHub now being GA, I would have suspected a reporting tool of some sort be it in StaffHub Portal or connection to PowerBI. Is this coming soon?

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Hi Scott - No timelines to promise yet, but feel free to add the suggestions in UserVoice and we'll update customers on the status there when it's supported: https://staffhub.uservoice.com/ Read More

Reports are definitely on our backlog, and a PowerBI connector may be the right way to go initially (TBD). Do you have any recommendations for top reports you'd suggest?

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Will it be possible to set MAM-Rules for the StaffHub App like other Apps (Sharepoint, OneDrive) in Intune for Mobile Apps. It would be great to set an App-Pin with this rules.


Best regards

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@Adam Jung, can you help to answer this? 

You can assign team admin rights to several team members, so you can have a scheduling manager or managers and potentially some backup people in case those admins aren't

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We are mulitlingual. Are there any languaoges you do not support. Haiti creole is one language I am curious about.

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There's no real ability to create a template yet, but it's something we've considered. From a practical standpoint you can use the "copy last schedule" button to copy the

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What would be your recommendations for doing a pilot within an organization with Staffhub. We have a hospital that is looking for a solution such as this but we want to make sure that is robust enough for their needs. also we would ultimately want to go g... Read More
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I would start with a location, a departments, a group of a few teams - any unit that is self-contained and can get you started. I typically suggest getting to 100 employe... Read More

I think I'll need a little more info, Matthew. Yes, you can copy/paste in the mobile apps. And in the web app you can use ctrl-C/ctrl-V, but that data is just in the app

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Hi Matthew - good news we have export functionality turned on for all groups that are newly created as of last week. If you are not seeing it please send me a private mes... Read More

We are always looking to understand what customers are doing with StaffHub and how we can help accelerate deployments. 


Any of you out there actively using StaffHub? 

How is it going? 

How can we expand the usage?




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Welcome to the StaffHub AMA!


We will spend this hour discussing the worldwide general availability of Microsoft StaffHub with the product team.


Please submit your questions as a new thread in the StaffHub AMA group so we can easily identify and answe

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Good Morning everyone! This is Leela and I manage StaffHub engineering. Looking forward to your questions!

Good morning everone!! Rich Halbert- PM from the StaffHub team.  Looking forward to landing StaffHub into customers all over the world!!

Hello all- Lana here from the community team... and as always ready with donuts!


Bring on those questions!







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Hi everyone, I'm Alex from the StaffHub Engineering team. Looking forward to the questions!

Hi Matthew - We support the ability print out the schedule to PDF for a time period you choose. Is there something more specific you're looking for?

We are excited to announce a StaffHub AMA!


On Monday, February 6, 2017 the Microsoft Tech Community will host a StaffHub ‘Ask Microsoft Anything’ (AMA) from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. PT / 4–5 p.m. GT in the StaffHub AMA group. Add the event to your calend

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Hi everybody, I'm on the Office 365 team and head up product marketing for StaffHub. Looking forward to the discussion!
We can't wait to kick this off in 5min!