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Hello --


We have team of five people, with a outside PBX/SIP (3cx). We have just signed up our entire team with Office 365, all users are on a T5 plan, with active Domestic&International calling plans. We are trying to connect our SIP with Skype Busin

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The "on premises PSTN" tab you are referring to relates to hybrid voice configuration. A hybrid voice scenario is where you have your users homed in the Office 365 cloud

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Greetings.  We're new to Skype for Business having switched to Office 365 midway through 2017.  Clients and vendors that used to be able to reach me via Skype are having difficulty connecting with us now that we run Skype for Business.  Files do not trans

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Hi Greg,

What you're experiencing are the expected limitations around Skype for Business and Skype Consumer interoperability. You ultimately only get basic communication

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We have users share the desktop with remote users and we want to popup appear in lync/skype after x amount of time to remind that still sharing is goingon.

I read that using lync SDK we can develop it but want to hear if any other better idea.

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As Loryan says, that's not a native feature and can't be done outside custom development. The best you get natively is the yellow banner reminder that you're still sharin

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I've not seen a product myself, but have seen users forget that their sharing is still running.
In my opinion it comes down to training (and I've covered it there) on educ... Read More

I'm having multiple reports of multiple sites/tenants having an strange issue with trying to answer a call.  When they get an incomming call, this can be direct or call queue transfer, there is a delay when they try picking up the call.  I.E. I get an inc

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We are having the same issue.  Any word from Microsoft support?  Is there a case number associated with this that we can call in on to find out the status?  Thank you!

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Specifically, the announcement of "Mute Off" when you want to talk during a conference call. The volume and duration can make you miss discussion or an opportunity to insert yourself. If we want to encourage people to go on mute to avoid background noise,

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Right click on your "Speaker" icon in taskbar 

Then click "Sounds" 

Each sound is categorized by application, so scroll down to "Skype for Business"

Click on "Muting Tone"


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Are you using a Plantronics headset by any chance?


The "Mute Off" and Mute On" playback is a headset feature from the manufacturer. Lync / Skype client actually plays Lyn

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Apologies if this has already been asked.


We've started using Skype for Business, and a few of us have installed the new Mac client.

One problem we have found is whereas inviting external users to a meeting via email is fairly straight forward on a PC,

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I use Outlook 15.29 with Office 365 and can invite from my ClientScreen Shot 2016-11-08 at 09.20.16.png

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the only method i know is to create the meeting from Outlook for Mac. Create a new meeting and then choose Online Meeting from the ribbon. That should fit your needs.


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Morning all,

I use Skype for Business on my Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 mobile phone and all contact details for all 'contact based apps' are synced to the contacts app.  However, if I view a contact who I use with Skype for Business, their contact details (ema

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Strange one. Have you tried on another android device or an iOS device?

Are you using the native mail app or Outlook?

Good evening,


we changed some Group Configs @ AD and now I want to distribute These Groups for our users using SFB Clients. I read an article from Jeff Schertz About some Parameters like:


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Hi everyone, after searching a Little bit deeper I found one interesting article with the conclusion for my Problem.



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Ok, not really serious business impact, but we are getting a lot of tickets as to why users can no longer see the emoji animations like (bandit) or (emo) in their desktop client.

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I have not noticed that in our S4B client. What version are you running? I am at home this week as we are closed until January 2, but I believe even in the version I am r

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Could it be that animations is turned off in Windows?

Is there something I am doing wrong. Of all the applications I can "Share Window" Edge is not one of them. Seems odd I have to use Chrome to utilize a Microsoft product. Is there something I am missing?

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The reason is because Edge is a "Modern" app, and Skype for Business can't share any modern apps. It's been a known issue for a long time, and is quite frustrating. I res... Read More

Hi all -

My name is Nick Suter; I am a Program Manager for the Customer Engagement and Adoption team, within Skype for Business.  I have been at Microsoft for the past 10 years - all with the Skype for Business group.  Well, we started as Office Communica

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Docs.com is being retired December 15, 2017 and all content deleted.  Will these guides be migrated to another site?  When?

Super excited for SFB on my Mac

Thanks, Nick, for these excellent resources!


I'm wondering if they'll remain consistent with the addition of Skype4B Mac next month.

I would like Skype for Business to add a buzz feature. I would like to be able to buzz the given target meaning raise their messaging window to the top and shake the window to get their attention.


Sound alerts  are not an option for me, I missed far to ma

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And from the other side, I want to be able to turn that feature off so that I'm NEVER buzzed and windows shaken.

The Uservoice feedback site is the place to promote new feature ideas, as that way Microsoft can gauge interest and see if it's something worth prioritising.  There are q

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I would suggest that they call you to get your attention then.

SfB was working fine until I installed an update.  Now it will "quit unexpectedly" within seconds of starting the app.  I'm running macOS Sierra version 10.12.6 on a MacBookPro.  I deleted the SfB app and downloaded the latest version (16.10.97) from Micr

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FYI: I was able to solve my problem by downloading and using "App Cleaner" to delete miscellaneous system files that were associated with SfB.

I have the same issue with OSX 10.12.6 on a Mac Mini. Have tried deleting the profile files also, but no luck. Crashes before it gets to login. Was going to update my Sky

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Good afternoon!

We noticed that if we get into a meeting early, enevitably when it's time for the meeting to start...the pop-up says to 'join' the meeting. 
Join the meeting you are already in! 

Please advise. 

Windows 10 machine
Latest SfB client

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The reminder is coming from Outlook, which has no way of knowing that you are actually in the meeting.
It's possibly that Skype could pass the signal across so as to not r... Read More

In the Surface hub the conference using Skype, does screen sharing make collaboration available to participants? We both make notes on the file.
How many people can I stay in conference for Skype for business?

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Only one can controll screen at the time, if you share your dispaly in a meeting.


A bether way to cooperate on documents is this way:

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We are using a Logitech SmartDock with Skype Room System and keep getting issues where Skype is stuck displaying a "Reconnecting..." error when we wake up the device. If I restart the app, it immediately works again, and connecting to the internet through

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I am not sure of the root cause but we stopped encountering this error after disabling sleep and hibernate:


Computer Configuration>Administrative Templates>System>Power

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What version are you using of Skype room system? tried updating?

So you never get a error message? 

We have Polycom VVX 310, 410, and 600 model phones. Our customers would like to be able to do line presence for others in the office so that they can see on their phone when someone is on a call or answer the call for that other person. We have been using

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I sent this same thing to social@polycom.com and waiting to hear back from them. I was directed there on Twitter after contacting Polycom via Twitter.

Has anyone else got ... Read More

Anyone have any ideas on how to make this work or that can point me to documentation to make tihs work?




Do you run the Skype for Business desktop client and if so are you seeing Presence there?


A few days ago I was summoned to a meeting using Skype for Business (, when I logged in with the link they sent me, using my Moto G android 5.1 cellphone, they could not hear me and we had to talk using normal Skype.

This week I have another

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You might check to make sure that your Android phone is allowing the microphone to be accessed. I have an iPhone, but I know iPhone does the same thing where it

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By default when you join a meeting as an attendee you are muted. Did you try to unmute yourself?
If the microphone works for other apps then it should work for Skype for B... Read More

We have a requirement to customise the hold music for response groups with music for 10 seconds followed by an announcement, followed by music for another 10 seconds and then another different announcement. I’ve created this as one wav file.

After uploa... Read More
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Hi Andrew,


there is no such limitation like that at the response groups.

Please make sure that your .wav file matches these requirements:



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Best Response confirmed by Andrew Curtis (Occasional Contributor)
I will be interested to hear what you learn on this as well. I have not had this need yet, but I can see this being requested in the future from the various departments w... Read More

As soon as I start sending video, Skype for business will crash. In eventlog, the following processes are crashing at the same time





Faulting application name: lync.exe, version: 16.0.4600.1000, time stamp: 0x59b86d29
Faulting modu

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Enhancement Suggestion:  I think it would be better to have the call queue caller wait time be editable in seconds, not minutes.  Currently, as minutes, the least amount of time that can be selected is 1 minute.  This is too long for some customers.  Plea

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So they added seconds a couple of weeks ago and then took it away.  Any one know what's going on with it?

I was on the phone with tech support about this the other day. That's when I found the Idea on skypefeedback.com. It was at 30 votes at that time and I reached out to eve

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I just did a session yesterday at ignite 2017 with two program managers on the S4B platform.  They say this is going to be fixed very shortly, perhaps even next month. 



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Yes, Microsoft needs to change this to seconds ASAP!

I tested this:
Set-CsHuntGroup -PrimaryUri Sip:reception@contoso.com  -TimeoutThreshold 0.5

It accepts the value, but when i run Get-CsHuntGroup it says the value is 0. Sam

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My Skype for Business have started to crash everytime i launch the program.


What I've tried:

- Running Office Quick Repair.

- Running Office Online Repair.

- Uninstalling/reinstalling Office 365.

- Ensuring that newest updates are installed.


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You can additionaly scan Skype for business with Offcat tool


How does it crash? Completely everytime you s

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We have been noticing a lag of receiving screen and app share content to endpoints when in a SfB meeting. Our HQ is in USA where our tenant is and the users are in Singapore, their user location is configured as Singapore.


When making a direct call we a

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Think this article answers your questions:

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I'm trying to use Skype for Business online WebSDK. I'm following the instructions located here - https://msdn.microsoft.com/Skype/WebSDK/docs/DevelopWebSDKappsForSfBOnline.
I'm trying to authenticate user with Office 65 online but I have problems whil

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Hey Roman,

Did you get anywhere with this? Having the same problem.


Can you give a bit more detail on what you are doing to the machine before this error occurs?

For example, the machine has a previous version of Office 2013 C2R, or Office

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