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When we set up a SfB meeting there are two links, the "Join the Skype Meeting" and the "Having trouble, Try the Skype Web App" links in the invitation


We have found that the web app link almost always work in for the external participants in regardings to

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Hi Jolita,


The 2nd link will always force a web session regardless of the user having Skype for Business installed.

If you compare the two links by hovering over them, the

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You can edit the meeting invite text out of the box with powershell, but not change the text of the links.

You can take a look at https://www.modalitysystems.com/software/custominvite

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We moved from a Cloud phone system to Skype for Business and still stick to the old cloud phone system for our Receptionist they transfer to extension numbers then it forwards to their Skype DID since we are getting closer to auto attendant I want t

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You say you moved from a cloud system to an On Premise Skype for Business server?  Or to the Cloud Skype PBX, since you say there is no auto attendant, expect preview?  T

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 I just switched to S4B from Lync on a Mac.


One thing I used on Lync was the secondary ringer. This let me set my headset as my Skype device but play the ringer through my speakers so I could hear it when I wasn't wearing my headset (or away from my desk

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yep that would make me a happy person as well. A lot of the time i dont have my Jabra headset on the ear & if I'm looking away i miss the call due to not having an additi... Read More
Will this come in the near future?
Hi John. Unfortunately, this is not currently supported.

Hi Team, planning to show this tomorrow at UK Tech Summit, would be great if some of the team could comment on why our customers should use this and how we can help them

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our set up is SFB 2015 Standard Edition with 2 pools (each with its own Edge server)


publicly our AV Edge servers are only open on UDP 3478 and TCP 443 and the 50k port ranges are blocked.


in the past when a remote user on one pool is remote and wants to

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Our tenant was recently switched to enable Dynamic IDs.   We would like our default option to use Public Meetings though so our team can continue ot use the dial-in ID they have been assigned and memorized.  


Using Set-CsMeetingConfiguration, we set the f

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Public / Private would seem to denote whether the conferenceID changes for each instance of a recurring meeting. My tenant is following the default of creating public mee... Read More
Hello Dan,

Hope I can be of help. Could you message me your tenant details (Username / URI)? Are you hosted on our Skype for Business cloud or on-premise offering?


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My name is Subramanian Vasudevan and I am a developer on the Skype Business Services team working on Conferencing! Hit me up for any questions or concerns you may have on your Skype for Business meetings experience.


Look forward to hearing from you all!

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Subramanian, Why doesn't the call-to phone number option remember a list of last used numbers that it called. It seems like it should based on the UI, but makes me enter ... Read More

Hi Subramanian,


I have encountered an issue with S4B 2015 client (logged into 365 if that matters).


If I have the stage open (possible at any time by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+

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Hey Subramanian

Thanks for reaching out to the community. I have a question you might to be able to clarify for me.

It's regarding meeting content uploaded to a skype meeti

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Anyone did experience the same? While on a video call, I wasn't able to find the "Present PowerPoint File" feature?

Is it a bug? Does it happen sometimes and why?

Thanks for your answers

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This feature depends on the deployment hosting the meeting. First of all, this feature was released with Skype for business. Any Lync 2010 or 2013 server or client will n... Read More

Getting reports from users saying the Mac SfB client is stating they are the only person on the call but clealry they are not as they are can hear people.


Any advice?

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The issue seems to much more related to the Skype for Business Client is unable to detect the Audio Device Connected to the MAC Book or there are some issues with the int... Read More

Does anyone know if there is a way to switch from the mobile app to the desktop app without totally disconnecting from the mobile app and re-joining via the desktop app?

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Do you mean switching devices while on calls?
You should be able to stay on the call while on your mobile, then connect to the call when on your desktop. It should automat... Read More

Whilst testing the preview release of Skype for Business (Cloud PBX) it became apparent that I have not seen anywhere so far a mention of how to add a companies contact list or even just the ability to have our internal company structure in groups within

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Hello Peter,


I remember we had a feature wherein we can add the contact details of the users in the Local Active Directory and then synchronize from the Local AD to Offic

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Hello all,


Some of our SFB Mac client users are reporting unexpected contact list behavior.  This seems to also happen with the iOS version of the client as well.


It looks like SFB is caching the MRU list of users based on some algorythm that determines w

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You said that some users apeared several times, with difrent precense. Have you compared the contactcard for these users that are duplicates? Are they all in the same lis

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I have some users in a Cloud PBX only enviroment who are receiving missed call email notifications.

I have unchecked the 'Send an email message to my Inbox when i miss a phone call' option in the portal's General mail settings which i think used to wor

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Sure thing Niles. 1. In Outlook, go to your File menu and click Manage VoiceMail at the bottom. This should launch your O365 settings page (you can also log directly into... Read More

I can't find where to set this setting.  Can you point me in the right direction?


Thank you

Hi Richard, thanks for your inquiry. I've seen this before and it's typically related to the Save button. One thing to try is go back to those settings and uncheck the bo

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Should Skype for Business (Plan 2) be compatible with any Skype for Business client software version?


My portal only shows downloads for Skype for Business Basic and Skype for Business 2015. Any ideas why Skype for Business 2016 is not listed on th

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Is it working on any other plans?  There should be options for which clients as available to download within your admin portal.  S4B 2015 is really Lync 2013 with a skin

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What specific feature differences are you after?
The year version in the product name does not specifically refer to the version or how up to date it is.
The 2016 client ca

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Hi, got a customer, where we get error when running SfB client on  the Iphone 7 and on 6S (all Iphones) when they start up the Sfb client, it can't connect to Exchange. And we get no calendar or when they try to login to meeting it will use the webclient

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We se this as well and I suspect it's because we have federated sign-in to SfB online. What has worked is to go to the settings on the client, tap on Exchange, turn off "

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How mail is set up on the device is likely irrelevant here.  S4B uses the Exchange Web Services interface to Exchange Online or Exchange on-prem to pull that data.  It's

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Are you using the Outlook client, or native iOS client?