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No matter how hard I try I cannot get my new Polycomm 8800 to sign in to SFB Online.

I've tried it off the network (as I know some DNS changes are requested, proxy bypass etc.) but still nothing.

Upgraded to the latest firmware.


Just sits at signing in and

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Make sure you are using the proper format for the credentials, as outlined in this older article for VVX phones:


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Sent you a message to understand your issues here. I will reply in this group once we've figured out why sign-in is failing.

Hi @Mike Rowland - seeing your question & looking for the right person to help point you in the right direction...

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I don't know where else I can find help for Skype for business!


When I set up a Skype meeting in outlook it doesn't populate the join now details.




Why is this?


Thank you




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Hi Looks like you are not enabled / licensed for PSTN Conferencing in Office 365. If this is the case you don't get a Conference ID or Dial in Access Numbers in the meeti... Read More

recently we have been getting reports that some users are getting one way audio on on IOS devices when doing VOIP calls


these users are typically remote and when they call someone internal they cannot hear them.  if they try the call again then sometimes

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Hello everyone.  I hope you can help me. 

Has something changed in Skype for Business in the last couple of days?

We used to get email messages alerting users of Missed Conversations. In fact I got one yesterday from a user that tried to S4B me before HelpD

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Hi @Mike Chilcoat - I checked with our support team & that's not something that's been widely reported recently so I'm not sure what might be causing the issue.  I would

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I'm trying to play a video as part of a S4B meeting, and following guidance found here, have embedded it in a Powerpoint and uploaded to the meeting.  However, this technique has only worked for a very small video - anything of any useful size (and the re

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does the video work when presenting in powerpoint without Skype for Business? What file format is the file?

Long ago when I originally setup Office 365 I didn't think Skype for Business was something we'd be using.  Of course, now they want to have it.  In the old Admin center there was a setting where you determined what software could be installed.  I turned

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Just bumped into this issue. To get right into the point, the Old Admin Center is now retired, so to enable the feature, you must go to the New Admin Portal -> Settings -

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Do you want to enable the service to your users? Or make the Skype software available to them?

Are there resources, trainings, or documents that would help you use Skype for Business?  Let us point you to existing resources or let us create new helpful how-to's for you.  


Is there something you are looking for?  Help us help you & let us know wha

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I would like to have a sparring partner bot to train using Skype. So people in my company will be able to discover, practice and test features like sharing, send a

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I am looking for sample surveys to send to users for feedback on 1) How their conversion to Skype for Business went 2) Feedback from users who have been using SKype for B

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I guess a lot of the Skype resellers now spend a lot of time creating their own material (training slides and videos) which they like to be either rebranded with their ow

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What would be great is some video animation templates that people could re-purpose for their own organisations that describe a scenario and show how Skype for Business he... Read More

I am preparing for a presentation with 200+ participants.  As I am walking through preso, I opened up my laptop, mobile, and tablet.  There is a major delay between slides and audio.  Between 20-25 seconds.


How can this be fixed?

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So if you start talking and change a slide a the same time, audio comes first after 30 seconds? or something like that?



NOTE: On Windows devices, including Windows Phone

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Hey everybody - after the most recent updates the client won't log in properly. We are running Office 365 with ADFS as the login provider. The client attempts the login and then passes back what looks like an attempt at the modern authentication in a new ... Read More
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We are facing the same issue at our Mac clients.

Was anyone able to resolve it?

So I managed to dig deeper on this - I'm not a massive traffic analyzer but I was able to see where things seem to be failing.  That same page that loads out as spinning

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Haven't. Aren't you able to login at all or intermittent?

Anyone else seeing this?  I'm getting error message ... Your Outlook Data file cannot be configured. c:users\p.....\AppData\local\Microsoft\outlook\p....r.nst.  


This started right after the upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus, Insider Slow 1705 8201.2025, on 5

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Office Insider Slow Update 8201.2064 solved this .NST issue

We're having the same problem as everyone else in the thread.  I just noticed and applied Build 8201.2064 to my own machine, so far it seems to be working.  Curious if ot

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This problem appeared in my organization when updating to the version of O365 that you indicate. In my case, we did report with MS and they confirmed to me that this upda

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I have the same issue in Windows 7 64 with O365 version 1705.  The only way I found to alleviate the issue with this version is to disable cached exchange mode in Outlook

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Received yesterday a Office Update. Office Version stayed on Build 8201.2025 Insider Slow.

.nst error did not popup again.


But just discovered another bug. If printing a C

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Hi Guys ,


I am looking for a document which says about the cost model for new SFB-EV deployment for 25000 users in a green field model , below are the detials i am looking for:-


1.Cost of CAL per user

2. What would be th cost of server licence (like Front

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This is not something that can so easily be done from a document.
I suggest you contact a Microsoft partner that specialises in Skype for Business as they will be able to ... Read More
I'm having issues with Skype for business on my PC. When I join a meeting linked to my Outlook, my skype status will not update to "in a meeting" nor is that option available for me to change manually. If anyone has any insight on this I'd greatly appreci... Read More
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Hi Michelle,


This could be related to several incorrect settings.

1. In the setting menu -personal; do you have the option selected to set your status based on outlook age

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Unless i'm missing something, I think the SFB iOS App doesn't let you choose the notification sounds for Instant Messages.


I have tried in the settings section of the App, I have tried in the app section of the settings (which are different in iOS). I

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@Richard T Schwendiman - do you know the answer to @Tim Lourey's question?


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Is it possible to disable receiving "missed IM" emails? At the same time not disabling Conversation History Folder?

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Not possible as far as i know. Only sugestion is to filter these email in your mail client.

Hello ,


I am facing an quality isssue in dial in conferencing whenever we are dialing from Cell phone or any landline which is coming from ISP to Lync environment other than this Lync to Lync are fines .


And this issue is happening across the Geo.



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What if you make a Lync to cellphone call? same issue?