Skype for Business iOS preview?

Mike Stockman
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I am already a Mac preview user, but I signed up for the iOS Skype for Business preview because I keep tripping over the same bugs when I try to attend group calls... sometimes it rings and won't connect even though the desktop clients have no issues, the Mute button is always slow to activate and slow to deactivate, etc.


So I'm hoping to try the preview to see if these issues are addressed and, if not, to gather data so I can report them accordingly, but my request has been pending for a while.


So is there an active iOS preview at the moment, and if so, how big is the queue to become a previewer?



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new Mac client will be generally available in October, so very soon you'll be able to have the newest release/experience.

For more information you can watch Delanda Coleman's presentation in Ignite here:

Her presentation starts at 4:10min

Rest of the keynote is also very nice, so highly recommended to watch it :)

Sorry, I should have been more clear... I'm asking about the iOS preview, not the Mac preview. I already have the Mac preview :)




Sorry, I missed that :(
For iOS, the new client will be rolled out soon, but I don't have a specific timeline.

You can watch the same presentation, starting at 10 min they showed the new iPhone client. Not quite the same as having your hands on the preview version but a start Smiley Very Happy


Hey Mike - we do actively onboard customers for the iOS client, however due to limitations with TestFlight we are limited with the total number of customers we can onboard.  Stay tuned as we will be doing more onboarding.

Thank you... that video demo shows me that CallKit integration may actually fix (bypass) the Mute bugs I've been experiencing. So now I'm looking forward to the preview (or release) even more. So thanks for the video, and for the quick responses. Mike
Just a quick update: I installed the iOS client from the App Store yesterday (version specifically) and I'm happy to say that the Mute button is much more responsive now (which was a more serious issue than it sounds... a delay of 7-10 seconds allows the barking dog to really disrupt your meeting), but the call issues remain. Attending group calls sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, with no feedback as to reason in the app. So I'm hoping the preview starts soon and I can report the bugs more directly, and maybe submit some logs that will mean something, to someone. Thanks.
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