Should assigning an Org AA Service Number as the CallerID for a SfB user now work?

Matt Landis

Should assigning an Org AA Service Number as the CallerID for a SfB user now work?


New-csCallerIdPolicy -Identity ServiceNumber -Name ServiceNumber -Tenant {removed} -CallerIdSubstitute Service -ServiceNumber 12674234538

In our tenant if we do the above the SfB user can no longer make outgoing calls.



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Hi Matt;
I don't believe this has been enabled just yet.. it is not part of the spec that I can see.

unfortunately, @MSP is OOF this week, he'll be back next week with a good answer :)

that makes sense.


We'll test as soon as its part of spec. Thanks!

I'll see if there is an update but as far as I know, Service Numbers are not to be used as User Numbers.

@Dov Fried can you cofirm that you just used the above command?  Will be porting our AA line from Vonage momentarily and would love to set outbound caller ID for all users to the main AA #.

Yes at the time of my post this command was working. However, this command has since been deprecated and been replaced with a new command. I don't know if the update is across the board yet, or if it was just on my account due to some work that was done. If you use this command the shell will tell you if it is deprecated, and provide the new command. Please note that the help and example pages for the new command are not yet complete, so you will have to derive the syntax and usage from the limited help offered when attempting the commands. Useroverride didn't work when I tried it, this was on Thursday Feb 9th. I have not tried it again since then.

Edit: I have noticed that it can take some time for these commands to take effect, so allow an hour or two, before opening a support ticket.
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