New SfB for Mac build. Where is it?

Mike Ruocco

In the Ignite session last week they said there would be a new build via MAU last week. I have yet to see the new build or the version of MAU that would allow us to get it. When will this show up on our portal?

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We ran into a couple of issues with the build that was supposed to go live last week. We are working on getting a more stable build and publishing as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks for letting me know. Will be watching the portal closely. 

REALLY looking forward to receive it! Hopefully even more integrated with the Office pack for Mac.

Yes Outlook Integration is a key feature...I will also post here when we release.

Will this new build solve the disappearing messages issue? 

Yes in some circumstances. There are some cases where with IMArchving turned off if UserA sends message to UserB and UserB doesnt accept once UserA closes the convesation the message will disappear.

Any news Richard? Waiting to kill Lync for Mac. Also, I really hope you've added audio notifications for new chat requests.

Was just logging in to ask the samething. 

Is there going to be an option to enable / disable IMArchiving? 


I received an email last night saying a new MAU Build (SfBMac_MAU_16.0.3597) is available and to download it from the portal (under Downloads or Assigned Products) but cannot find it. 

Is it online yet? Can anyone provide a link please?



ugh. It says I don't have access to the download! I'm part of the preview program...?!



Thank you Richard. 


I also couldn't get it at first, but this was more due to me managing a personal Live account and a couple of corporate accounts. When I figured out which I had originally signed up with and reset the password, i was able to download the link. 


Just stuck now at point C of the instructions, as i can't seem to update Outlook to 15.29. I have 15.26 and am not seeing any updates. Will see if this stops me from successfully linking SfB to MAU...

When you open Outlook and go to Help | Check for Updates select on the Insider fast channel and then check for updates. You should see 15.28.
Thanks again, yes i did get it to 15.28 using the fast channel (not 15.29 as the email said) and this seems to have worked, I can now check for Microsoft updates within SfB. Thanks for your help

Same for me, I also can't download the file even though my company is part of the program. Can it be published in away that makes it availble to people logged into the forum?





Can I get access to download it as well? Been waiting to get any access for ages now...


Thank You


Same question: where is it?!?

Yes, I'm looking forward to it also. BTW, how do I sign up for the Preview Program?

I am part of the preview program and I'm unable to get the latest build... 


Typically these updates are pulled down by my client when I check and they're available. I'm currently at 16.0.3036. 


Will there not be a version of the latest made more widely avaialble? Are we just anticipating the public release now?

Hi All,


I can confirm the link does work, provided you access the site with the account you signed up with...took me a while to locate the right person in our company. 


The version I have is much cleaner, has an installer and transitions to MS auto update which is probably why it doesn't come down via the old version. You also need to follow the instructions, or it will not work. I suggest using something like AppCleaner to completely delete both the beta and Lync 2011 before doing the install. 


Good luck! 


Hi Scott..

Problem is that I have not been assigned with any package!

Any idea who can do that for me?


Hi Szymon,


Did you sign up right at the start of the preview? We signed up at the beginning, but to access the latest version I had to find the guy in our org who did the original signup. He had access, myself and a few others didn't have download rights. 


Hope that helps,



Ok, I was able to get it from another member of our organization who had a proper sign-on. 


A few things while I'm looking at things. 

1- Screen sharing is not an option 

2- Single-window UI is gone again

3- Conversations are vanishing partway through 

4- Receiving emails about missed conversations while actively chatting with the other person


I have reported these issues as well through error reporting but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing these issues?

I logged into my portal yesterday and SkypeForBusinessInstaller_MAU_3597 became avilable. You might want to take a peak at your portal now and it should be avilable. 

The Skype for Business on Mac client has been released to GA. I have posted a blog, here:



Super psyched for the GA!!!! 


I have updated but I'm still not seeing the single user UI, etc. I'm thinking it didn't work for me?!


I'm on build 16.0.3638?


Any suggestions?

I'm not seeing single UI (tabbed conversations) either. Wondering if it has to do with my org's retention policy? I'm on 16.0.3639

I'm also up on 16.0.3639 now and still nothing. I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong...?

Yes it would have to do with SSCH and EnableIMArchiving

That's fine, I'm researching on my side to see if it's possible to enable IM Archiving but I'm concerned about other users in my organization that will experience a similar issue. The windows version of Skype does not require IM Archiving to have tabbed windows etc. I hope that this is not going to be a required policy for full usage of features.

Alright, just got word back that disabling IM Archiving is company policy. So we're back to the drawing board with this. Please tell me the features I'm missing out on are going to become avaialble for everyone -as they are with the windows client- as opposed to this being a requirement...

Single Window mode would not be available.

Ever? It seems ridiculous that the same is not required for Windows users. 

I am just saying currently.
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