Dial 0 to reach Operator

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Dial 0 to reach Operator

Is there a way with any of the SfB Online features or preview features (currently enrolled in Dial Plans and AA preview programs) to enable the option to dial 0 after reaching a user's voice mailbox? This is one of the most important features we are waiting for as our users would like to give callers the option to reach our operator if they have an urgent issue. We also don't necessarly want all calls to go to the operator- with call forwarding- but looking for another option to route calls if needed. 


I've looked for a workaround since I know Exchange UM is not supported with SfB Online yet.... so any ideas would be very helpful!  

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Re: Dial 0 to reach Operator

Once the call connects to user VM , there is no way to connect back to AA for routing to operator /different party.
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